diagnozit invention by a homeopath, felicitated by AIIMS

In a remote village where only a health worker provides health care services, he is nervous at the sight of a small child down with fever & difficulty in breathing. Tears rolling down the mother’s cheek, father feeling extremely helpless not knowing what to do. This metric pass health worker wields out a gadget DigiScope connects it to the laptop powered with mobile internet (provided by health department) places it on the chest of the sick child & connects with pediatrician sitting in district hospital with the help of google hangout. This pediatrician sitting in district hospital listens to the sound transmitted by the DigiScope & quickly arrives at diagnosis & sends back the do’s & don’t & immediate action to be taken. A life saved.

New turn in tele-medicine, Now health workers in remote village can send Heart & lung sounds through internet to tertiary care center for immediate intervention, saving time money & loss of work for the villager.

Nambisons Softronix a technology company based at bhopal/bangalore has engineered a stethoscope which has been digitalised. Nambison’s Digital Stethoscope (priced at Rs.9000/-) is a state-of-the art intrabody sound Auscultation System (with specific sound amplification Technology) hardware coupled with software. With Breakthrough indigenous Technology, DigiScope can Amplify the body sound up to 200 times. With 200X Amplification, it enables doctors to catch the sound that is usually hidden from the conventional stethoscope. This Intra-Body Sound can be recorded on the computer for Analyzing, reviewing and transmitting it through Internet for second opinion or can be analyzed on follow up.

1. Listen – Record – Analyse – Transmit
Listen with clarity (make precise diagnosis). Record intrabody sounds (before/after Rx). Analyse sounds with Special software. Clear sound > Precise diagnosis > Confident prescription

2. IPD : Continuous patient monitoring in IPD or treadmill.

3. Telemedicine: Transmit Heart-lung-abdominal sounds from remote village to expert for critical decision & intervention. Very useful in childhood pneumonia.

4. Teaching : A boon for medical teaching, simply plug DigiScope to speaker & let the students learn to diagnose the pathological sounds.

5. Speaker : Let the patient & his attendants listen to the pathology going on in his body, this will long way in building confidence in your treatment.

6. Paediatrics : A natural difficulty Paediatrician faces is the baby starts crying while looking at the doctor, this obscures many sounds. If the long piece of wire with stetho chest piece is handed to the mother she can place it on the kid, which would make the job easy.

7. Anesthesia
While the patient is anaesthetised let all the people in Operation theater continuously listen to patients heart sounds, if it sinks or becomes feeble immediate action can be taken.

More : http://digiscope.diagnozit.com/


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