Complete Dynamics in Android tablets

android2Complete dynamics team today announced the released Complete Dynamics for Android tablets!

All implementations are fully ‘native’ programs, giving you the best flexibility, mobility and power.

No internet connection is required.

In the near future, you can expect a special internet application too!

With this release, Complete Dynamics is now available for all important computer systems:

  • Microsoft Windows PCs and laptops,
  • Apple OS-X PCs and laptops,
  • Linux PCs and laptops,
  • Apple iPad,
  • Android tablets.

About the Android version
The Android version is currently in beta test stage. Considering our very high standard of quality, this means we actually think it is as good as ready. We ask you to help us confirm this. There are many different kinds of Android tablets, making it very difficult for us to test all tablets. Your help will be highly appreciated.

Your tablet needs to have at least 1Gb free internal storage.
You need 512 Mb of RAM, but 1Gb is recommended.
Also, your tablet needs to have a large screen.

Complete Dynamics is not meant to run on Android telephones.

Where do I download?
You can download directly from our website.
The Android app is not present in Google’s PlayStore, due to restrictions in the PlayStore licensing mechanism.

During the beta testing phase, no license is required to use the full Practitioner Edition. But at program startup, you must be connected to internet.

We are convinced that you will appreciate the Android App as much as iPad owners love the iPad App.

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