Clinical tips on Homoeopathic management of Diabetes

homeo2Interesting Clinical tips on Homoeopathic management of Diabetes with dose and potency

  1. Diabetes with calculi/inflammation/tumour of pancreas = Iris versicolor Q
  2. Diabetes with creatinine high, kidney affections = Chimaphila Q
  3. Diabetes with delayed/non healing ulcer = Secale cor Q, Syzygium Q (Syz Q external also)
  4. Diabetes with emaciation = Syzygium Q, Argentum met 3x
  5. Diabetes with fatty stool (fatty pancreas) = Iodum 3x
  6. Diabetes with froathy urine = Cheonathus Q
  7. Diabetes with froathy urine (prostate affections) = Carbolic acid Q
  8. Diabetes with herpez, c/c malaria, urine sugar high = Grindelia Q
  9. Diabetes with hysteria = Borax 3x, Moschus 3x (Ignatia 1M as IC)
  10. Diabetes with impaired memory, giddiness, thirst more, appetite less, burning = Cephalandra Q
  11. Diabetes with itching of anus = Ratanhia Q
  12. Diabetes with kidney affections = Helonius Q
  13. Diabetes with low confidence, nervous excitablility/irritability,  esp. of drunkards = Argentum nit 200/1M
  14. Diabetes with malignant pancreas diseases, anxiety = Acid phos Q
  15. Diabetes with pregnancy (gestational) = Lactic acid 3x
  16. Diabetes with prostate enlargement and high PSA = Senecio aureus Q
  17. Diabetes with pterygium= Ratanhia Q
  18. Diabetes with rheumatic affections = Colchicum Q
  19. Diabetes with skin problems, ulcer, pruritis = Syzygium Q
  20. Diabetes with Uremia = Kali brom 3x
  21. Diabetes with weight loss = Iodum 3x
  22. Diabetes with no other indications = Abroma augusta Q, Insulin 12 x
  23. To increase insulin production = Pancreatinum 3x, Opium 200

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