Clinical tips for day-to-day practice in homoeopathy

doctors12Clinical tips for day-to-day practice in homoeopathy

Compiled by Dr Akbar KP Kannur

  • Obstinate hiccough –Cuprum ars 30
  • Obstinate constipation-Collinsonia can Q
  • Corpulmanale –Ars iod
  • Asthma aggravated by dust-Pothos foetidus Q
  • Chronic rheumatism/shifting rheumatism- Stellaria medi  2x internally, Q externally
  • Acute rheumatism-Sticta pulmonaria-Q to 2x
  • Infantile eczema-Lycopodium, Morgan bac
  • Photodermatitis-Sulphur
  • Violent  hysteria –a drop of Camphor with little sugar  in every 5 to 10 minutes is invaluable.
  • Laryngismus stridulus-Pertussin
  • Asthma with tubercular history-Drosera
  • Obstinate case of peptic ulcer-Pencillin with intercurrent dose of Sulphur
  • Gastro enteritis after ice cream-Ars alb
  • Flatulent dyspepsia-Carbo animalis at bed time
  • Acid dyspepsia-Nat phos
  • To cause disgust for liquor-Angelica in 15 drops with water tds.
  • Ricket-Calc phos
  • Retention of urine from operation-Causticum
  • Pediculosis – Staphysagria Q externally( mixed with coconut oil), and internally 200
  • Vomiting of pregnancy-Tabacum 1m
  • Prickly heat-Syzygium jambo Q
  • Psychical impotency –Onasmodium 6x
  • Cicuta virosa-eating indestible things like chalk,coal,etc
  • Kali iod-effective for actinomycosis-30,200
  • Vesicaria c Q-5 to 10 drops for albuminuria
  • Vesicaria c Q-also for chronic cystitis
  • Skookum chuck 3x –urticaria
  • Bovista 30-chronic urticarea
  • Hepar sulph 1M+Echinacea Q-for septic fever
  • Scrrhinum 1m for thread worm when cina and teucrium fails
  • Tuber bov is the chronic of  Rhus tox
  • Psorinum 1m in pregnancy improves the general health after child birth.
  • Helonias Q-for prolapsed uterus
  • Calc sulph 3x –sure cure for gum boils
  • Urtica urens Q-will renew the strength of old age, but will not bring back youth
  • Pyrogen 6 will cure the typhoid
  • Anacardium 1M-Cruel habits in children
  • Erigeron Q-Prevents formation of placenta previa
  • Napthalin 6x –(trituration) almost specific for whooping cough but some says Mag phos 6x will cure 9 out of  10 cases of whooping cough.
  • Pneumococcin –clears up the effects of pneumonia
  • Mephitis-dry, spasmodic, violent cough after influenza.
  • Kali iod 6x-said to be a good prophylactic against cold and influenza
  • Nux m, sep-diarrhoea after boiled milk

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