Clinical tips- A to Z Homoeopathy Remedies for Children

children (3)After nursing child vomits its milk in curds & refuses to nurse afterwards & is very cross. Nausea & persistent vomiting as soon as the child eats or drinks – Ant-crud.

Anxiety while reading – Mag mur,Sepia.

Attractive children – Arsenicum-alb.

Aversion to write in children – Squilla maritima

Big abdomen, spindly legs – Abrot, Sulphur

Big belly due to bad digestion – Carbo-veg, Graphitis (constipated)

Big head – Baryta- carb , Calc-carb, Sulphur .

Big head, big abdomen – Baryta-carb, Calc-carb Lycopodium.

Big head, coarse hair, heavily built, red lips and ear – Sulphur.

Big head, spindly legs, biggish abdomen poorly developed chest, pale rough skin, sweats easily – Sulphur.

Bites nail – Amm-brom ,Arsenicum-alb ,Sanic ,Hyos

Bright objects makes the child gay and lively – Stram

Cheeks red – Capsicum.

Cheerful – Brom .

Child afraid of being alone, wants mother to hold her hand – Stram; Bism; Lyco; Kali carb; Lil tig.

Child averse to amusements – Bary- carb ,Sulph ,Staph

Child awakes from sleep with piercing cries and trembling all over – Ign.

Child cannot be punished because it goes into convulsions – Cina ; Ign ; Op.

Child cannot remember what has been taught – Aeth ,Calc-carb ,Baryta-carb, Phos

Child carries things from place to place and back again – Mag phos,Opuntia.

Child continuously picks & rubs the nose – Cina

Child craves ice cream – Calc phos, Puls, Tuber, Verat-alb

Child craves meat – Calc-p ,Mag-carb.

Child cries all day , sleeps all night – Lyco

Child cries and scream as if in great pain just before passing urine – Lyco, Sanic, Sars, Lach, Nux vom.

Child cries day and night – Ipecac,Stram,Mag phos

Child cries from slightest cause – Nat mur

Child cries towards evening – Zincum met

Child cries when eating – Carb an,Staph

Child demands different things with vehemce and cries – Rheum

Child desires light & company, cannot bear to be alone, < in the dark room & solitude – Puls; Stram.

Child does not want to go to school – Calc phos,Nat mur ,Mag phos.

Child doesn’t drink water unless sweetened – Sulph.

Child doesn’t want to play – Baryta-carb

Child doesn’t want to talk or to be touched or to be looked at – Ant-tart, Ant carb Silicia , Staph ,Ars, Cham

Child dreads downward motion, clings to nurse – Borax,Gels,Saniquila.

Child enjoys cold water bath – Puls ,Nat m, Apis

Child fears to go bed alone – Causticum.

Child gets fussy about examinations in school – Gels.

Child good all day ,cries all night – Jalapa ,Syph

Child has a great aversion to strangers – Baryta carb , Ambra gr, Kali-phos,Tuberculinum.

Child is fond of sugar which leads to diarrhea – Argentinum nit.

Child is in claimed to laugh at serious matter – Nat mur, Graph

Child is not inclined to study. Study brings on sleep – Mag phos.

Child is obstinate to the extreme. Even if she wants a certain thing she will oppose it if proposed by someone else – Caps.

Child is slow in learning to talk – Nat mur

Child is slow in learning to talk & walk – Nat mur

Child is slow in learning to walk – Calc c ,Baryta carb, Calc phos

Child is very irritable , gets angry with everything – Baryta

Child kicks off clothing even in the coldest weather – Sanic, Hep sulph,Sulph

Child laughs involuntarily – Nat mur.

Child learns with difficulty – Calc phos, Nat mur , Bary carb

Child likes dancing – Phos, Sep,Tarent-h

Child morose in day time – Cina.

Child pretends weeping without tears – Staphy

Child quiet only when carried – Chammomila

Child repeats all questions before answering – Zinc-met.

Child rubs his face while coughing – Caust, Puls

Child shrieks during stools – Kreosote.

Child sleeps better on abdomen – Cina , Cal phos , Medorr

Child sleeps in knee chest position – Tuber ,Phos, Lyco, Cina, Medorr

Child suffer from dentitional diarrhea – Cham, Podophyllum, Belladonna

Child suffers from dentitional diarrhea – Cham; Podo; Bell.

Child sympathetic to others – Puls; Nat-mur ; Caust ; Phos; Carls.

Child tosses from side to side. Kicks off clothes, never sleeps long at a time – Cina.

Child wakes from sleep, piercing cries & trembling all over – Ign

Child wants amusements – Chamomilla ,Puls ,Lach

Child wants this or that but rejects when offered – Bry ,Cina, Cham

Child wants to carry slowly about – Puls

Child wants to think but cannot – Sil.

Child weeps before stools – Aeth,Cina,Cham,Phos,Sulph,Borax

Child weeps from oversensitiveness – Kali-phos

Child weeps until it gets something to eat – Bell

Child weeps with drawing up of knees & in pain – Psor.

Child will not allow you to feel the pulse – Antim tart.

Children cross after sleep pushing every one away – Lyco

Children get sick from being reprimanded or scolded or sent to bed – Ign; Medorrh; Carc.

Clumsy – Baryta- carb (awkward movements – Causticum)

Clumsy movements – Calc-carb, Capsicum, Sulphur .

Clumsy, awkward due to hurry – Natrum-mur .

Coarse hair – Sulphur .

Complaining children – Cina.

Comprehension difficult in children – Aeth, Bary carb

Cruel habits in children – Anac

Dark hair, dark skinned – Iodum.

Delicate – Arsenicum-alb, Phosphorus.

Diarrhea of a children during bathing – Podo

Difficult concentration of mind, children cannot learn their lesson – Kali sil.

Dirty – Psorinum, Sulphur

Dwarfish mentally and physically (wanting in high) – Baryta- carb

Emaciation – Abrot

Examination fear, urging to urinate – Copai

Face circumscribed patch on cheeks, flushing and pallor about mouth – Cina

Face flushed – Capsicum

Face occasionally flushed – Graphitis.

Fair – Calc-carb.

Fair hair, fine skin – Brom, Aconite, Pulsatilla

Fat – Calc-carb,Capsicum, Graphitis.

Fat and heavy – Graphitis.

Fat and over weight – Antim-crud , Brom, Calc-carb, Causticum, Capsicum, Sulphur .

Fat heavy and pale – Antim-crud, Capsicum, Graphitis.

Fear of approaching vehicles – Phosphorus.

Fear of being late at school – Arg-nit.

Fear of heights, high places, – Arg nit, Puls, Staph, Sulph.

Fear of rain in children – Naja; Elaps

Fear of rats – Absinth; Bell ; Calc-carb; Cimic; Op; Phos.

Fear of thieves on waking after mid-night – Ign; Ars; Lach; Kali-mur.

Fear of tunnels or closed places – Nat mur.

Ill humor in children early morning – Staph

Ill temper of children – Cham, Lyco , Stram.

Impatience in children – Acon, Kali phos, Nat mur.

Irritability in children – Calc phos, Cham, Cina, Iod, Sil

Lazy children slow in eating, writing ,bathing slow in all activities ,slow mind – Helix tosta

Lethargic – Calc-carb

Lifeless – Aurum-met.

Lordosis(bent back) – Baryta- carb.

Over fat, soft, lethargic, big head, big belly, with tendency to rickets – Calc-carb

Over weight – Calc-carb

Pale – Antim-crud, Graphitis, Silicea.

Pendulous abdomen – Thuja

Red patches on cheeks with pallor about mouth and nose – Cina.

Redness (general) high color (ear lips face) – Iodum , Sulphur .

Redness about eyes – Antim-crud.

Restlessness in children – Ant tart, Borax, Cham, Jalapa , Rheum.

Sallow complexion – Baryta-carb , Carbo-veg., Causticum, Lyopodium, Sepia.

School children are worried about their lessons – Lyco; Sil; Kali phos.

Shy and receding children – Mimosa pudica

Sickly – Kali-sulph, Psorinum.

Sluggishness (mental & physical), though well nourished – Calc-carb.

Sluggishness (physical) – Carbo-veg, Graphitis, Pulsatill , Sulphur .

Small baby (under weight & undersized) – Natrum-mur.

Stammering in children – Lac-can

Sucks thumb – Cal -phos

Temper tantrum of children – Stramonium, Lyco.

Tendency to fall in children – Lac-can

Thickened upper lip – Brom ,

Thin upper lip – Fluor-acid. Lycopodium, Psorinum.

Uncivilized children cannot give a civil answer – Cham

Unreasonable terror of child at a medical examination or wit strangers – Tuber

Weeping after rage – Arnica, Belladona.

Weeping at every nursing – Puls; Calc-phos.

When the child begins to learn the alphabet, headache comes & returns with every repeated effort, often with dilated pupils. After every examination at school come these violent headaches – Picr acid.

When trying to comfort him the child becomes enraged – Nat-m.

While prescribing any of d above remedy do not neglect the Law of similia n the Holistic approach of prescribing

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