Central fund for Development of AYUSH Institutions

Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Development of AYUSH Institutions.
Homeopathic Institutions in India are requested to utilize this fund effectively

The   Scheme   of   Development   of   AYUSH   Institutions   has   been   under   implementation since the 10th  Plan. Considering the experience gained from implementation of the Scheme in the past and  nputs given by the independent evaluation, it has been decided to modify the scheme of  the Development of AYUSH Institutions under the 11   Plan as under:

The   financial   assistance   in   the   form   of   Grants-in-aid   under   the   Centrally   Sponsored  Scheme for  Development  of   AYUSH Institutions    shall be    admissible     for  the   following  component:

Infrastructural development  of  AYUSH   Institutions
U.G./P.G.  Upto   Rs.2.00   crore   for UG  and upto   Rs.3.00  crore for PG institution  for the Plan period to be released  in two installments.

Assistance for add-on P.G./Pharmacy/Para-Medical courses  in existing AYUSH Institutions.
Upto Rs. 3.00 crore for the    Plan   period   to  be  released  in  two installments.

Development of  Model  AYUSH  Institutions   /Centre    of  Advanced Studies.
Upto Rs.5.00 crore   for  the Plan period  to be  released  in two installments.

Opening of new Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homoeopathy Where the states  institutions/AYUSH   Universities  in states   not   having   such  Institutions.
Upto    Rs.10.00     crore.

Eligibility Criteria for providing funds to Govt./Govt.- aided AYUSH Institutions:

(i) Govt./Govt.-aided   institutions   duly permitted by the Central   Government for last  five years  under Indian Medicine Central Council (IMCC) Act 1970 and Homoeopathy Central Council Act, 1973.

(ii) Assistance to be given on a Detailed Project Report   for upgradation of the Institutions   duly appraised by a Committee comprising of the Principal of the Institution, nominee of   the affiliating University and the nominee of the State Directorate of ISM&H.

3. Eligibility Criteria for providing funds to private but not for profit AYUSH Institutions:

(i) The Institution should be duly permitted by the Central Government for at least 8 years   under section 13C/13A of IMCC Act.

(ii) The Institute must provide Income Tax deduction in Form – 16 in respect of the teachers   for the last three years.

(iii) The Institution  must have  60%   bed occupancy in the  IPD   and an OPD average   daily attendance of at least 150 patients in the last three years.

(iv) Appraisal of the college specific DPR by the Scheduled Bank to administer the scheme and sanctioning of the loan.

4. Eligibility Criteria for model institutions/center of advanced studies.

(i) Govt./Govt. aided institutions identified by the State Government and or two renowned AYUSH   experts   on   the   criteria   of   good   infrastructure   for   post   graduate   education   and research and significant contribution in the areas of academic and clinical research.

(ii) A Detailed Project Report duly appraised by a Committee comprising of the Institution Principal, a renowned expert nominated by the Department of AYUSH and nominee of    the State Directorate of ISM&H.

5.Eligibility Criteria for New institution/university.

(i) One  time grant  for new  institution/university  for States not having AYUSH  institution/AYUSH University.

(ii) Allotment of minimum 7.5 acres of land by the State Government.

(iii)A Detailed Project Report duly appraised the nominees of Department of AYUSH, State Directorate of AYUSH and two renowned AYUSH experts nominated by the Department of AYUSH.

For more details and application form : www.similima.com/pdf/ayush-scheme.pdf

Source : http://www.indianmedicine.nic.in

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