Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy require MBBS doctors

students9Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy require MBBS doctors

The Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH), New Delhi, an autonomous body under the Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govemment of India intends to engage

Consultant (Allopathy)

Vacancy: 1

Appointment at : Research Project on AES/JE at BRD Medical College, Gorakhpur.

The engagement will be purely on contract basis

Walk-in- Interview  :  9th July (Wednesday),2014 at 10.30 A.M:

Remuneration :  Rs 41,563 + HRA per month.

Period : Initially for one year.

Qualification : MBBS Degree recognized under the Medical Council of India Act.

Age: 35 years and below.

The candidate may report for walk-in-interview between 9.30 a.m. to 10.30a.m.

A panel will also be prepared which will be utilized for future vacancies occurring due to any reason during a period of one year.

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Editor’s note
For the same type of post, in the same institute CCRH giving Rs. 20,000/ + HRA only to BHMS graduates!!. Even our council is doing discrimination in salary and wages – how can we criticise others? Details at


  1. can any body write all these things to CCRH

  2. The way I see it…..!!!
    1. This reflects the self-appraisal of the authorities of CCRH qualified in Hpathy rate themselves as at par with allopaths.
    2. The enhanced pay to allopaths could be to attract them inspite of being on the antagonistic discipline, to get involved into a research project of Homeopathic purpose.
    3. The lower pay for Hpaths reflects from deeds exposed and practised by a fair fraction of the Indian qualified Homeopaths of today in few regions, who have absolutely no faith in the system and are desperate to be at par with add-on courses in allopathy.Its sad that the outcome of their deeds puts the dedicated Homeopaths into shame and depreciation.
    4. The lack of strong organizational force united at National Level among qualified Homeopaths in India which means that any disparity from authorities will have to be whole-heartedly accepted and shall never be challenged whatsoever any day.Every new organization that seem to come up every year is more keen on launching National and International seminars of a more complex manner and thus make a fortune for the main coordinators and the docs blindly participate and help them earn.
    5. In reality, when Homeopathy as a system is on a row of greater acceptance, Homeopaths and their value is on a progressive degeneration !!

  3. I agree with Dr Neeraj Gupta but there are ways, we don’t try, I being HMO at Sangrur (punjab) was successful in starting 11 Red Cross Homoeopathic dispensaries in 1987, we organised one camp in one dispensary in one month but whe I was transferred from Sangrur , our doctors started becoming not attending duty like govt dispensaries and it failed. then I was posted at Dhuri , we started a dispensary without giving fixed salary, we planned rs 5 per week consultation and that would be the salary of doctor, that was so successful , in 1998 doctor started earning 7 to 8 thousand and no absentism as doctor know if he go on duty then only get money, then we opened many such dispensaries in distt sangrur and Patiala, all are successful, we later on started rs 10 per week in 2000, and now as per our doctors seniority they raised to rs 15, rs 20 per week and they are earning rs 30,000 or even more

  4. What can do homoeopath ( new kamals ) ?.medical collage salary 10000 —20 000 per month, FAMILY BACKGROUND NOT GOOD,Clinic establishment difficult even in starting more than 20000 difficult after cut of expansion.private job not good,so compromise our conditions ,its life
    so I will says first improve your education ,collage,stander of student ,so improve our future,

  5. ye homeopatho ki bhi kmjori h ki km salary me bhi job k liye ready ho jate h …aur lakho ghoos bhi de denge…

  6. this is happening since long time..homeopathic doctors’ salary is very low whether in private medical colleges/ private practice/govt PSUs contract basis/NRHM etc…it is happening in everywhere with homoeopaths because we are ready to do job even in 2000/ month or less BY HOOK AND CROOK even by unfair means…so whey they pay more…on the other hand MBBS are not willing to do job so they get offer of high salary.

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