Case of fully developed Chronic Mixed Miasmatic Disease -Ulcerative Colitis.


A 35 Yr old male, who is a driver in profession, has presented the complaints of

  • Bleeding per rectum with oozing of mucus since 5 years.
  • Increased frequency of stools since 5 years. 

History of Presenting Complaints:
Increased frequency of stool – passes stool 8 – 10 times per day – Nature of stool is loose stool with mucus alters with hard pellety stool – stool in very offensive & passed with much tenesmus & with urgency.

Before stool – Passes offensive loud flatus, doesn’t know whether passes stool or flatus; during stool – Blood pours in to the pan which is very dark, offensive mixed with yellowish mucus & after stool stitching pain felt in the rectum for hours together with bleeding sometimes. 

Cause:Anxiety /while eating or while driving,Loss of Sleep.

Associated with:Pain in the left ilcoceacal region.

Past History: Usually get occipital headache & often relieved by allopathic chemotherapy

Personnel history: Since 22 years (while driving) addicted to alcohol, Pan chewing & smoking.

Physical Generals:Hot Patient

  • App: Good, regular & satisfied.
  • Thirst: Good, regular & satisfied.
  • Cravings: Mutton++
  • Sleep: Decreased due to occupation & startles in sleep with least noise.
  • Eliminations:
  • Stool: As per presenting complaints
  • Urine: Day/Night – 5-6/1-2 times; regular & satisfied.

Mental Generals (Cross Sectional Study of Life)As he is a driver, he has to drive continuously for a long time with loss of sleep and also he viewed the fire accident of his friends vehicle & after that he often gets anxiety and fear while driving and after that he got all the complaint. But took all mode of treatment and yet not relieved so, he didn’t visit the doctor for the past 6 months even with the severity of the complaints.

Rubrics & Symptoms Elicited:

  • Anxiety – Hypochondriac
  • Anxiety – Loss of sleep due to
  • Anxiety – long lasting
  • Obstinate
  • Hatred
  • Fear of Accident


  • As Ulcerative Colitis is a Fully Developed  Mixed Chronic Miasmatic Disease,it is treated with Miasmatic Approach where the Constitutional Treatment also goes along with Similar Remedy selected.
  • A Perfect Similimum suits the Constitution, Miasm & Totality of the Patient.
  • so whenever we select the remedy if it is the perfect similimum then that remedy should cover the constitution, miasm & particulars of the individual.
  • Nitric acid suits the Syphilitic Miasm.Constitutionally the patient has  the Individualising symptom Similarity Of The Similimum. 

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