A Case of Bullous Pemphigoid cured by homoeopathy

Dr SK  Tampi

CHIEF COMPLAINT:nItching and burning with small blister of whole body.


  • Itching & burning of whole body from last 3 & 1/2years.
  • Burning after scratching with oozing of watery discharge & immediately blister formation after few hours.
  • Ameliorated by cold water sponging/ wet clothes.
  • Unbearable of clothes.
  • Physically and mentally very restless and irritable .

Disposition Change disposition

  • DietVeg
  • Appetite Good reduced
  • Thirst Thirsty, but unable to drink water due to burning in mouth.
  • Desire Cold things.
  • Aversion Hot food.
  • Stool Regular, clear, usually hard stool.
  • Urine Dribbling of urine,  burning before and after urination. Hourly once.
  • Perspiration Profuse, offensive all over the body.
  • Sleep sleeplessness
  • Dream Not remembered.
  • Thermal She likes winter season.Want fanning. Like covering. Hot pt.


  • Don’t want to talk to anyone.
  • Want to sit in a close room.
  • Due to her suffering , wants to die.

 Clinical diagnosis:  Bullous pemphigoid

Totality of symptoms:

  • Mental general:
  • Don’t want to talk to anyone.
  • Want to sit in a close room.
  • Due to her suffering , wants to die.
  • Want to remove her clothes.
  • Physical general:
  • perspiration-Profuse, offensive all over the body.
  • Thermal – hot
  • Particular:
  • Itching & burning of whole body.

Considering the totality Arsenic 6 /1 dose was selected.

FIRST PRESCRIPTION: 26/9/2016 .Arsenic-6 /1 dose.

2NDFOLLOW UP: OCTOBER 2nd 2016- SL pills 4-4-4/ 30 days.

3rd FOLLOW UP: NOVEMBER 10th 2016- SL pills4-4-4/ 15 days.

Case completly cured

Dr S. K. Tampi  MD (HOM)
Professor & PG Guide. Dept of Materia Medica,
Dr  B. D. Jatti Homoeopathy Medical College,
Dharwad, 580001 Karnataka
MOB- 9448415846
Email- sk_tampi@rediffmail.com


  1. If the 1st prescription is in low potency we can further increase the potency if there is no response & also We can study the drug action .
    Thanks for comments.

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