Bombay hospital seminar with Dr Farokh J Master – report

Farok J MasterThe ‘Bombay Hospital’ Seminar cum workshop with eminent classical homeopathic physician Dr Farokh J Master was organized by Dept. of Homoeopathy, Bombay Hospital on 10 & 11 January 2015 (Saturday and Sunday).

It was a rewarding and useful experience for each and every participant.  Dept. of Homoeopathy, Bombay Hospital along with International Foundation of Clinical Research in Homoeopathy and Charities & Dept. of Homoeopathy, K. E. M. Hospital, Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital, Kamalnayan Bajaj Cancer Center  takes all the possible steps to treat the patients suffering form incurable diseases with Classical Homeopathy, under the sole guidance of respected Dr Farokh J Master. The Seminar was supported by B.JAIN Group (BJAIN Pharmaceuticals and BJAIN Publishers) & RADAR  OPUS (a product of Archibel, Belgium)

The deliberations in the seminar were of high standard and provided an opportunity to all the delegates to interact with the Speaker having great experience and expertise in Homoeopathic clinical practice. This seminar was aimed at not only towards disseminating the development in homeopathic sector in treating Cancer cases and other incurable diseases but also providing guidance to the budding homeopaths to explore more professional opportunity in homeopathy.

Eminent speakers from homeopathic fields were invited to share their views with the participants, which would be of great help in the professional development not only to the doctors but also for the budding homeopaths. It will also help the entire participant to learn about and work with some new dimensions in Homoeopathic science.

This two-day homeopathic event was open to everyone with a professional, consultants and PG & UG scholars, as well as teaching faculties of homeopathic medical college.

Our primary goal was to increase the understanding of ‘Homeopathic Management of Advanced Cancer Cases & Management of Acute Pathological Conditions’. There were many topics covered during the workshop and the presenters (Dr Farokh J Master, Dr Zubin Marolia, Dr Farhad Adjania, Dr Radhika Tonsey and Dr Sujata Owens) did an outstanding job of sharing their valuable clinical expertise with the delegates.

It was a great boaster especially for people like us who are first doctors in family with no back up and struggling to make our mark ….Dr Niha Saifee

With great pleasure I am thanking for Bombay hospital seminar.It is highly useful in my practice………..Dr. P. A. Dasthakir

I am really happy that i attended this seminar. It was really helpful to me.I have learnt a new way of thinking about Homoepathic medicine and its application.Thank you for the invitation. Please inform me for further classes/seminar of Dr. Master……….Dr. Arghya Majumder

Most informative seminar. Understanding Lycopodium and Conium was explained by Dr Master from ‘Chronic Disease’ was too good………Dr Hiten Safi

As always it was a very fun and blissful experience to be learning from the living legend of homeopathy Dr. Farokh Master. I was given an opportunity to present a case of Nephrotic syndrome from my practice. It was a challenging case for me with very solid results seen from homeopathic treatment. Even though I know it is only a drop in the ocean, we have to start somewhere. I hope to see more presentations and discussion around advanced pathological cases like this. I am committed to my mission of creating world of vibrant health by using my gifts through art and science of homeopathy. so the work continues………Dr Sujata Owens

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