Bjain inviting faculty for “The Homeopathic Academy”

B Jain has recently launched “The Homeopathic Academy” to preach the Homeopathic Students and Practitioners all over the world

B Jain Group invites the Experienced and Passionate Homeopaths withe following skill sets:

  1. Having a keen interest in teaching homeopathy
  2. Having the flair of writing
  3. Confident in presenting self in front of the camera
  4. Excellent communication skills
  5. Basic computer skills like MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel.
  6. BHMS, MD Degree is mandatory; Ph.D. preferable.
  7. Wish to explore their own self as well as promote the knowledge they possess, to the whole world.

Job Responsibilities: Writing and presenting the teaching content of homeopathic subjects in the form of e-learning videos.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: ₹500,000.00 to ₹600,000.00 /year



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