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BHMS, MD doctors required for Kerala

ARTH– Advanced Research and Treatment in Homoeopathy –chain of Homeopathic clinics in Kerala & Middle East-  requires for their new clinic at Calicut – Vadakara & Quilandy Senior Doctors BHMS/MD with 10 years’ experience Compensation […]

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Fertility Success using Homeopathy

Liz Lalor Liz Lalor is the author of  “A Homeopathic Guide to Partnership and Compatibility” published by North Atlantic Books and Dana Ullman of Homeopathic Educational Services available at http://www.homeopathic.com Her email is lalor@ozonline.com.au This […]

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Marjolin’s Cancer Cured by Hekla Lava

Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD (Hom) Marjolin’s Ulcer Synonyms and related keywords: decubitus ulcer, bed sore, pressure sore, nonhealing wound, non-healing wound, wound healing complication, wound-healing complication, pressure ischemia, paraplegia, quadriplegia, spina bifida, immobilization, multiple […]