Asia Pacific Association for Medical Informatics Conference at New Delhi

tab (2)8th Asia Pacific Association for Medical Informatics 2014 Conference (APAMI 2014) is being organized and hosted by IAMI in New Delhi, India

On 30th Oct to 2nd November 2014 .

A first time collaboration between IAMI & AIIMS, the conference aims to encourage researchers, surgeons, practitioners, young scientists, healthcare workers and suppliers from across the world to cooperate and share knowledge & experience about how to use information technology to improve the healthcare status of the people.

The conference theme ‘Health IT Solutions for Improving Patient Care’ resonates with the kind of ecosystem that healthcare providers aim to build by harnessing technology.

APAMI 2014 will be organized with the following themes:

  • Nursing Informatics – Full day workshop on 30th Oct 2014
  • Clinical Research Informatics (Keynote + Theme session)
  • Clinical Workflow and Human Factors (Panel Discussion + Theme session)
  • Consumer Informatics and PHRs (Theme session)
  • Mobile Health (Keynote + Theme session)
  • Data Interoperability and Information Exchange (Panel Discussion + Theme session)
  • Data Mining, NLP, Information Extraction Retrieval (Keynote + Theme session)
  • Achieving Meaningful Use (Keynote + Theme session)
  • Global eHealth – Tele-medicine & Tele-education (Keynote + Workshop + Theme session)
  • Informatics Education and Workforce Development (Workshop + Theme session)
  • Informatics in Health Professional Education (Workshop + Theme session)
  • Interactive Systems
  • Policy and Ethical Issues (Keynote + Theme session)
  • Public Health Informatics and Bio-surveillance (Keynote + Theme session)
  • Imaging Informatics
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Terminology and Standards Ontologies
  • Translational Bioinformatics and Biomedicine

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