André Saine International Materia Medica Pura Course in Germany

Dr. André Saine and his workgroup:”Materia Medica of the future” International Materia Medica Pura Course in Niendorf / Baltic Sea (Germany)

Invitation to the course week in autumn 2014 from Saturday September 27 to Saturday October 4th in Niendorf/Timmendorfer Strand at the Baltic Sea, Germany.

It is planned for André Saine and his colleagues of the MMPP to present the following remedies: Conium, Melilotus, Valeriana, Kalium phosphoricum, Dioscorea, Berberis aquifolia, Bellis perennis, Sanicula aqua, Spongia, Glonoinum, Lachnanthes, Ambra grisea, Culex, Platanus, Gnaphalium, Gentiana, Asa foetida.

In addition to the Materia Medica part, a detailed pratice-oriented part will be offered, with case histories and a live anamnesis.

Location: Haus des Kurgastes, Strandstraße 121a, 23669 Niendorf/Timmendorfer Strand/Ostsee (Baltic Sea), Germany

Daily 9.00 a.m. to approx. 6.30 p.m 

Participation fees: € 64 for 8 days

The Materia Medica Pura Project (MMPP)
Since T.F. Allen and C. Hering compiled and published their comprehensive works of the homeopathic Materia Medica at the end of the 19th century, no further systematic revision of the Materia Medica has taken place. The symptoms of a great number of provings, cases, clinical experiences and toxicological reports can be found scattered among various journals. They are lying idle, and are therfore not accessible to the practitioner in his day-to-day work. It is the main objective of the MMPP to rectify this lack of reliable, important and practice relevant information.

It is planned an update of more than 500 remedies. Up until now, only the attendees of the courses in Montreal and Niendorf have benefited from this work. A publication of the monograps over the website of André Saine is under progress.   

Once completed, this project will represent a real milestone and a great step forward in improving our tools (Materia Medica and Repertory).

All course participants who are interested in this work are hereby cordially invited to join us. This extensive project can be completed all the sooner, the more people get involved in it. Those who wish to become involved in this work will receive a detailed written introduction and will have the opportunity to acquire the necessary basic knowledge via webinars. The group leaders are available to answer any questions.

The Materia medica pura Course
It will be a combination of very practice-oriented classes with many cases, and if at all possible live anamneses and Materia Medica. The MMPP represents a significant part of this course. Some of the remedies will be compiled and presented by Dr. Saine himself. Further remedies will be presented by the authors of the monographs themselves, as they know them better than practically anyone else in the world after many months of intensive work on them. André Saine will add to the lectures. MMPP staff map out the remedies in accordance with a standardized procedure and this is supervised by André Saine, which ensures consistent quality.

The course is suitable for both experienced homeopaths and beginners, each will be able to profit in their own way. Thanks to the detailed practice-oriented part (which is devised exclusively by Dr. Saine) with its cases and live anamneses, there will be a relaxed

atmosphere which will help avoid overloading the event with too much Materia Medica. The course language is English, André Saine’s spoken English is easy to understand.

Information on a course and webinars with similar content in Montréal you can find on A. Saines´s website : 

Special account of the Gesellschaft homöopathischer Ärzte (Homeopathic Doctors’ Association):
Account No.: 080 274 2470
Sort code: 300 606 01
Bank: Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank Hamburg, Humboldtstr. 58-62a, 22083 Hamburg
Account holder: Gesellschaft homöopathischer Ärzte
IBAN: DE65 3006 0601 0802 7424 70
BIC (Swift Code): DAAEDEDD

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