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  1. Respected Dr.Mansoor Ali Sir, this website is really very much helpful for all Homeopaths. I am really grateful to you for the online concept of clinic. Although till I have not created self websites but eager to do it after getting your valuable suggestion & tips regarding it. If possible please send something on
    I will wait for your valuable reply. Sir, please add me on whatsapp.

    Thanks & Regards-
    Dr. Suhas Mukherjee
    Kolkata, West Bengal
    Mob- +91-9734450562

  2. Infertility is a physical issue but it brings along mental and emotional trauma with depression and anxiety. The number of treatments available in the market not just disguises, but most of the medications and treatments are so expensive that it adds on to the stress and anxiety of the couple.Dr. Mukherjee’s Fertility Centre brings an Ayurvedic medicine that cures infertility,improves the health of reproductive organs and helps couples to conceive and get pregnant.The ayurvedic medicine offered by us is a combination of over 35 years of experience and research.The medicine naturally strengthens the Ova and improves the sperm quality,the medicine increases the success rate of I.V.F. upto 50%,thereby enhancing the ability to conceive.
    We endeavour to work for the infertile couples globally, so that they do not have to face the mental, emotional and financial trauma of the other expensive processes.

  3. Applications are invited for following posts in Parashar Homoeopathy College and Hospital

    Bhopal (M.P.)

    1. Professor (Materia Medica, Orgnon of Medicine, Physiology & Biochemistry, Pharmacy)

    2. Associate Professor (Materia Medica, Orgnon of Medicine)

    3. Assistant Professor (Materia Medica, Orgnon of Medicine, Physiology & Biochemistry, Anatomy)

    Cooperate office: – 5/7, 2nd Stop,
    Anjali Complex, Bhopal (M.P.)

    Email: –

    Cont: – 09893166252, 08770013385, 08889913891

  4. Now health care facility at your doorstep.

    The majority of people are most comfortable in their own environment where they feel safe and close to the things they love, and home care is the long-term care option that promotes the individual’s independence and ability to continue with the normal, daily routine as long as possible. The goal of home care is to provide in-home care for those who need it, and to allow an individual to remain living at home as long as possible, regardless of age or disability.

    Recovery at Home services cover a wide range of needs like medication reminders ,mobility(wheelchair or walker) , all Nursing care , Sample collection for lab test, checking vital sign, coordinating with doctors and other healthcare professionals etc. . However, home care can be a highly effective interim solution for individuals who are not sick enough to need nursing services but just need a little help to stay safe and independent in their homes.

    The old age homes are socially unaccepted in india, So we are providing our service in home environment in order to stop old age home admissions. Recovery at Home is run by non-Governmental organization (NGO).

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