A Study of the Homoeopathic Software- ISIS

softwareISIS is the advanced version of CARA software system created by David Witco and is a product of Miccant Ltd. It is one of the latest Homoeopathic software, the most elegant, easy to use and sophisticated software.

In this modern world of  advanced computer knowledge, it is essential to create new achievements in the field of homoeopathic software. Even though there were many Homoeopathic software system, many find it difficult to learn or too complex to operate. ISIS has been created to overcome this problem. Author took 2 years and 6 months to give birth to ISIS with the intention to make us feel more confident in our practice and knowledge of homoeopathy.

ISIS was created with two fundamental design decisions –

  • To make all available information on one screen
  • To merge the Repertories and  Materia medica into one system.

Everything you need to access can be viewed on one main screen. The main screen area is where all book data is displayed, whether repertory rubrics, materia medica text, remedy information and dictionary definitions.


ISIS contains the classic repertories of Boericke, Phatak, Boenninghausen and Clarke.

The contemporary repertories deserve special consideration and explanation. They are

  • Combined repertory by Miccant Ltd.
  • Complete repertory by Roger van Zandvort (4.5 version)
  • Homoeopathic Medical Repertory, 2nd edition by Robin Murphy

All these repertories were originally derived from Kent’s repertory. Combined repertory, is Miccant’s own repertory. It started based on Kent’s repertory. Final General edition and was supplemented with data taken from the Synthetic Repertory, which added new information to the Mind, Generals, Dreams, Female and Male chapters. Only new proven remedies have been added to this repertory. As the repertories grew  it was decided to keep the combined repertory like Kent, but with newly proven remedies. There is only one minor format difference between the Combined and Kent, ie; the Generalities chapter was moved immediately after the Mind chapter.

Other repertory considerations

  • Creating your own repertory
  • Compressing rubrics

ISIS allows you to suppress all the additions made by certain authors. It also provides a Compress and Expand features so that you can see the rubric headings in a repertory chapter especially if you are uncertain of the existence of a rubric.

Recording patient details
It enables us to record personal details and notes about the patients. It automatically generates a patient id number for the new patient. It will display a consultation card for you to fill up.

Searching a repertory chapter
The easiest way to find rubrics in ISIS is to simply type a few letters on the keyboard. As the letters are typed, ISIS will show the very first rubric that contains the letters typed into the first word position. After the search copy the rubrics on a clipboard.

Searching word in the repertories
ISIS provides a word search facility on the repertories to help in situations when we are not sure of the chapter. ISIS word searches all the repertories simultaneously. Every repertory, every chapter and every rubric will be searched. ISIS does not show the remedies in each rubric after a word search.

Thematic searching
ISIS  contains a set of theme words provide by Dr. Jose Mirilli. These words have been carefully complied by examining the major proving sources and distilling down the prover’s expression into themes.

Repertorising the rubrics
The purpose of repertorisation is to give a list of indicated remedies. Apart from the list of remedies, there are 4 parameters on the top left corner of the repertorisation chart. They are Aanalysis Type, Order, Filters and Presentation. These parameters can be changed according to the situation. In order to differentiate the remedies, select the remedy and  right click so that it will direct you to Remedy information, Materia Medica and Family Members. Remedy information will take us directly to the remedy information containing the key notes, relationships, picture and an audio lecture about the remedy. This also helps to compare and contrast a few indicated remedies by examining their differences in the repertory.

Using Miasms
Many homoeopaths use miasms as a primary indicator for the selection of a remedy. ISIS classifies remedies in the classically tri-miasmatic way and expands upon this by introducing the definitions of Rajan Sankaran. These miasmatic definitions are called States, to distinguish them from miasms. These states add 7 more miasmatic definitions eg: cancer, leprosy, ringworm etc. ISIS provides analysis filters on both the classic miasms and the Sankaran States. These filters allow us to specify miasms or states and to repertories only with these remedies.

Salient features of ISIS

  • It is designed in two fundamental decisions so that it is easy to use.
  • It is easy to use because everything is integrated and available.
  • It never confuses you or don’t have to memorise complex commands.
  • The latest thinking from teachers such as Sankaran and Scholten is made available.
  • Beautiful and easy to understand charts are available throughout.
  • ISIS helps in the study of Homoeopathy with its vast materia medica library, using remedy information, etc.
  • Newly proven remedies are up to date in ISIS.
  • Direct internet connection –into Homoeopathic chat rooms or pick up soft ware updates and new provings automatically.
  • Use of latest technology eg: attach photographs to rubrics , remedies or patient record notes –even run videos in the new R x screen section.
  • On screen tutorials . Hear and watch David Witko , the creator of ISIS , explain how you can get the most benefit out of ISIS on your computer.
  • Keynotes and Rx relationships that are amendable- make them your own and exchange with them others.
  • Huge library of books-including many contemporary authors (eg Vermeulen, Scholten, Sankaran). Latest proving as they are released.
  • Listen to over 120 lectures on Rx & view over 400 photograps of Rxs.
  • Space to add your own notes.
  • Corrections made on botanical classification of Rx .

ISIS, inspirational software
Essentials of repertorisation – Dr.S.K.Tiwari
Reperire    -Khanaj

Web : www.miccant.com


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