A new windows 8 upgrade to ISIS by Miccant

A  new upgrade to ISIS is now available. Numbered v1.0028 you can upgrade by visiting the website. This is the 7th consecutive year upgrades have been provided free of charge for ISIS Vision users.

V1.0028 is too large to be automatically downloaded through the ISIS Download Manager – you must download it manually from their website.  Here is the link so you can download and install

You should upgrade to v1.0028 if you:
1. Want to use Sherr’s new QRep in your ISIS
2. Use Murphy’s Repertory 3rd edition (as many typographical errors have been corrected)
3. Are using Windows 8 or are planning to upgrade to Windows 8 (as this provides supported dongle driver software for Widows 8)

Windows 8
Although v1.0028 allows you to install the latest dongle driver software for best running you must have already installed the basic ISIS system using your original ISIS discs. This is likely to be difficult if your ISIS disc is for a version prior to v1.0023.

If you experience problems installing with your old disc(s) or would simply prefer a current edition of ISIS Vision on DVD (to save you updating online) then we offer a replacement disk for just £20 + shipping + VAT/tax (where applicable). Please use this link to purchase the disk

Jeremy Sherr : Repertory of Mental Qualities
Available for use in ISIS with v1.0028, the Qrep provides a set of 28 Mental Qualities. Each quality contains every remedy taken from all the rubrics associated with the quality. Many newly proven remedies are included here. As you are probably aware most new provings are never repertorised and so you will not find them within the modern repertories. Jeremy and his team have carefully reviewed each new proving and have added those remedies to Qualities if they were corresponded.

By using the QRep you can be confident that once you have chosen all the qualities in your case, the required remedy will definitely be in the list of those remedies displayed! You will never lose the indicated remedy by making a mistake with rubric selection. QRep is an essential shortcut to selection of mental rubrics.

You can read  more information about QRep and purchase it by clicking this link: http://www.miccant.com/qrep

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