A case report on acne

Dr. Rajshree Jangid 1, Dr. Neelima singh 1

1 PG Scholar Department of organon of medicine & homoeopathic philosophy, Dr. MPK Homoeopathic Medical College Hospital & Research Centre (Under Homoeopathy University), Saipura, Sanganer, Jaipur. (Raj.)

Abstract:  Acne is one of the most common condition occurred at the age of adolescence. Most common cause of acne at adolescence is hormonal imbalance.  A 18 Year old male patient came at OUT PATIENT DEPARTMENT (OPD) of homoeopathy university, Jaipur chiefly for complaints of pustular and papular eruption and comedones on face from last 2 years. After unsatisfactory outcome with modern medicine, Patient turned to homoeopathic treatment.

Case Presentation:

 A 18 year old male consulted in OPD of homoeopathy university, Jaipur for pustular and papular eruption and comedones on forehead, cheek. He had pain and itching in eruption aggravated from warmth and which leave red brown scar after eruption. His skin was oily. Patient was suffering from papular eruptions on face on/off since 2yrs. Pustular -papular eruptions appeared on face; for which he took Allopathic medicines and applied external application without any relief. 

His appetite was diminished with aversion to salty thing. Patient was hot+ but sensitive for both temperature in general with profuse perspiration and excessive salivation, and moist tongue. He also had tendency of recurrent constipation with hard and unsatisfactory stool.

Family History 
His mother and elder brother has history of same kind of eruption on face. 

Mental Generals 

Anger++, irritable, Lack of confidence and sensitive.

Totality of Symptoms: 

  • Anger from contradiction
  • Aversion to salty things
  • Dreams amorous
  • Profuse salivation
  • Oily skin
  • Pustular eruption on cheek chin and forehead with itching < night, warmth.
  • Constipation hard stool 

First Prescription on 02-01-18

Merc. Sol 30/3 for 7 days

Follow up date Patients status Prescription
09.01.18 Status quo Mercurius Solubilis 30/3 for 14 days
23.01.18 >+ in nodular eruption and itching face & back R/x: Phytum 30/3 for 14 days
06.02.18 >+ Pustular and bleeding, no new eruptions R/x:  Phytum 30/3 for 14 days
20.02.18 Status quo in eruptions R/x: Mercurius Solubilis 200/ 2 dose, phytum 30/3 for 21 days
13.03.18 >+ eruption with no new eruptions on face and back R/x: Phytum 30/3 for 14 days
27.03.18 >+ in eruption , no new eruptions R/x: Mercurius Solubilis 200/1dose (SOS), Phytum 30/ 3 for 28 days
24.04.18 >+ in eruptions R/x: Phytum 30/3 for 28 days.
Before treatment pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic_1.png pastedGraphic_2.png
After treatment pastedGraphic_3.png pastedGraphic_4.png pastedGraphic_5.png

Discussion and Conclusion
Mercurius Solubilis was selected on the basis of totality. The remedy was also applicable for the patient have excessive salivation and moist tongue. And also suited for the patient have popular pustular eruption on face. As the mercurius solubilis is a deep acting remedy so high potency was not repeated frequently and gave relief to the patient in short duration. 

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