A Case of Fragile Bone Disease with Homeopathy

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Few years before [on 6th September 2000] a news about a poor child suffering from fragile bone disease which was published on the front page of Mathrubhoomi Daily [Malayalam daily news paper]. It was an index finger pointed towards homoeopaths to take up the challenge raised by an autosomal dominant inherited connective tissue disorder, “Osteogenesis Imperfecta”. I was staying at Pala [kottayam] on 6th September 2000. Immediately after reading the news I thought that it is our duty to take the challenge and try my level best to save the child. On the same night I went to Alappuzha where Dr.K.A.Joseph (ESI Medical Officer) & Dr.G.Gopakumar) received me and we went to Master Sankar’s hut. He was bed ridden at that time. His right lower limb was plastered after a compound fracture of right femur. That was the 48th fracture occurred to him. He was suffering from severe pain at the fractured sight and sleeplessness due to pain at the time of my first consultation.

Master Sankar (12) suffering from this incurable disease since 38th Day of his life. While giving bath to the child his grandmother noticed that there is a swelling at his humerus bone and the child was crying continuously during the bath. He was immediately put under the care of a pediatrician and then he was referred to the orthopedic surgeon. Baby Sankar was sent for an X – Ray examination and found that there is a breech in the bone. It was diagnosed as a pathological fracture and the parents were warned for further fractures in future. Similar occurrences of fractures were repeated 48 times within 12 years. There were severe deformities of the femur and tibia and fibulae.

He is the only male child of his father. His mother committed suicide few days after his birth. His father Ram Bahadoor belongs to Nepal who migrated to Kerala for getting a Job. Now he is working as the security staff at a private company at Alappuzha. His first wife (Sanker’s Mother) was a Keralite. Ram Bahadoor never discloses the reason for the suicide of his first wife even after repeated questions. He took the technique using unclear accent of a mixture of Nepali & Malayalam language. He got married again 2 years after the death of his first wife. During the period of these two years Ram Bahadoor’s Mother (Grandmother of Master Sankar) looked after this poor child with fragile bones. Immediately after Ram’s second marriage his mother died due to old age complaints. Then Ram’s second wife (Sanker’s step mother) took the entire responsibility to look after the child. She has been doing it very well till today. Meanwhile she got pregnant and gave birth to a female child. She is suffering from congenital heart disease. Ram Bahadoor said that he himself is suffering from a congenital valvular problem, which is neglected, due to his poor financial condition. Any way it was not a serious problem and yet not investigated or treated.

By hearing the aforesaid history itself a good Homoeopath can prescribe the remedy. But I was not in a position to reach in to a conclusion by hearing the history. So I traveled through the traditional method of case taking and I got the following additional information.

His favorite food is meat… Other favorite items are sour foods and pepper. He never took vegetarian diet. The menu should include fish, meat or egg and meat is a must. But his poor father was not wealthy enough to provide the same and because of the same reason he slept without taking any food.
1. GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – meat – desire
2. GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – pepper – desire
3. GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – sour food, acids – desire
4. GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – vegetables – aversion)

In such situations he scolded his father and he even use abusive languages against his parents. (5. MIND – Abusive)

He was watching TV when we met him. The hut was leaking on that rainy day. This leaking was prevented by placing a lot of X- Ray films on the roof, which was taken at time of each fracture! Because of his burning desire to watch TV his father borrowed money from his neighbors and received advance salary from his company and thus he purchased a TV for his child. It was only because of the struggles and quarrels of his son for the same. He firmly holds on the need of a TV until his father agreed to buy the same. (6. MIND – Obstinate)

I asked him why should you compel your father for purchasing a TV?
Sankar: Why can’t he purchase one?

From which source, he collects the amount for purchasing a TV?
Sanker: From where he collects the money for the house hold affairs?

How you feel after putting the plaster?
Sanker: What you feel after seeing my plastered leg?

What type of food you prefer?
Sankar: What type of foods I can take?

See his answers, all the answers are in questions. It was repeated in number of occasions.
(7. MIND – ANSWERING – questions; in)

So I asked his father did he always be answered in questions. He said, No sir, he liked you very much that is why he is answering continually otherwise he will not answer to your questions. He is having an aversion to few people. One of them is his neighbor. He never talked to one of the co-worker of his father who loved him very much. They did not know the reason for it. It is very striking peculiarity in him since his child hood. Once Sankar was admitted in a hospital with fracture on wrist (he was a regular visitor of that Hospital) when the orthopedic surgeon going to start the proceedings he immediately protested and requested his father to discharge him from the hospital and he did so. It was just because of an aversion to that doctor! He suffered the pain at the fractured site the entire night. (8. MIND – AVERSION – persons – certain, to)

When the TV reached in the home he was very particular regarding the car race, cartoon films, circus & magic. Magic was his favorite item. Whenever there is any of the aforesaid programme in any one of the channels he turned the knob of TV to that channel, mercilessly refusing the request of others. When we reached there he was watching Russian circus. (9. MIND – AM– USEMENT – desire for). His younger brother tried to increase the volume of the TV a number of times. Whenever he tried to increase the volume he shouted against him to reduce the same. His father said that he is always like this and always quarreled with those who make noises. (10. MIND – SENSITIVE – noise, to)
When he is perfectly healthy he always disturbs others by quarrelling with them for watching TV, or by requesting for permission to go outside for watching the cricket match of his friends. Etc. But when he is sick he always torments others by waking them from sleep, crying and complaining. So he became a nuisance to others day and night. (11. MIND – TORMENTING – others – day and night)
While writing the above observations in to my case record he eagerly watched the same and asked me, “What you are going to do with these writings.” I told him, “I would put it under the consideration of the software in my computer.”

“Computer? What will the computer do?”
“It will help me to reach in to the remedy.”
“How it will help you doctor uncle?”

In such a fashion he asked me a lot of questions with at most eagerness.
His father said He wants to know everything. It is quite difficult to clear up all his doubts.

Apart from the above rubrics I took the presenting complaints of the patient too.
GENERALS – INJURIES – Bones; fractures of

The emerged remedy in repertorisation was CALC CARB. I was not much concerned with Miasms and its application in clinical practice. So, I prescribed CALC CARB 1000 one dose and Sac Lac and BT for 15 days. Pain sleeplessness relieved few days after taking CALC. But the discomfort in the fractured site was persisting. The union of the fractured ends was also delayed. According to the advises of some of the experienced hands in treating such conditions, I prescribed CALC PHOS in triturations but that did not help him. I was fortunate enough to attend few of the training programmes conducted by IHK[Institution of Homoeopaths Kerala.. which is the largest homoeopathic organization here]. These training sessions gave me an outlook regarding miasms. Master Sankar comes under pure Syphilitic Miasm because of the following reasons.

1. His mother committed suicide few days after his birth. Suicide is the worst form of syphilitic miasm. He had born to a syphilitic mother at its peak.
2. His father is suffering from congenital heart disease and his brother born to step mother too have the same heart problem, which is purely syphilitic.
3. He himself is suffering from the congenital bone disease, which further confirms the miasm.
4. Brittleness of bone is a syphilitic tendency.
5. Using abusive languages against his father is an iconoclastic activity to demolish the icon of the first man in the house.
6. Carries and brittleness of teeth as soon as it appears is a syphilitic symptom, though it is a symptom of Osteogenesis imperfecta.

But I want to keep away from the traditional prescription of Syphilinum for the osteogenesis imperfecta. The nearest antisyphilitic remedy in repertorization was AUR MET and the same was prescribed in 1000 potency 1 dose and placebo was continued. Slight improvement of the condition insisted me to wait for few more days. But the orthopedic surgeon suggested a surgery for removing the pus collected at the injured site. Without thinking much I prescribed the traditional nosode SYPHILINUM in 50 M Potency and placebo continued for another 10 days. The improvement was enthusiastic. He relieved completely from the pains and the surgeon abandoned painful surgery. He began to walk and the plaster was removed after 20 days. He began to play cricket and engaged in other activities.

He was under placebo up to May 2001. His parents requested me for my consent to send him to school because it was a burden for look after the over active child. He was very busy with cricket plays.(1. MIND – PLAYFUL) Above all Sankar became mischievous and he began to make problems for others.

He always engaged in making things like toys, household utensils, note books etc.(2. MIND – ACTIVITY; desires – creative activity).
But when did he get angry he throws away all these things. (3.MIND – ANGER – throwing things around)

He would not hesitate to climb on trees or ride cycle or even actively participated in fielding while playing cricket and jumped and fall in a number of times. Once he fall from a tree and a crack occurred to his collr bone that was not a pathological fracture, which healed spontaneously with SL and BT. (4. MIND – AUDACITY)

He became a problem child who quarrels with his friends and the neighbors who once looked at him with sympathy now began to complain about his misconduct. (5. MIND – BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS – children; in)

If his father advised him in such situations he became angry and repeated the same things, tried to destroy the reachable objects and he never became an obedient son of his father.(6MIND – BREAKING things – desire to break things
7.MIND – CONTRARY – parents; with

I advised them not to send him to school for the coming school year and requested them to allow him to play and fall as much. Because I want to confirm about the nature of cure take place in him. The case was again repertorised with the aforesaid rubrics.
MIND – ACTIVITY; desires – creative activity
MIND – ANGER – throwing things around
MIND – BREAKING things – desire to break things
MIND – CONTRARY – parents; with

The emerged remedy TUBERCULINUM confirmed the existing Miasm in him. Now is in a combination of the inherited Syphilitic Miasm and acquired /flourished psoric Miasm. TUBERCULINUM 10M 1 dose was prescribed on June 16th 2001. He began to improve slowly in his mental level too. He became very much interested to attend the tuition classes and undergone all the term examinations and passed with 80% mark. Now he can swim, play, run and engage in all the activities that we expect from a 10-year-old child. He never received a dose of TUB or any other remedy during this period of 3 years. Some acute diseases managed by Dr.K.A.Joseph (ESI Medical officer). He gave him ferrum Phos in lower potencies for fever cold etc. He was free from other diseases during the entire period. Mean while a team of doctors from our Hospital went to his home and met him. We gave placebo during the entire period. On 28th May 2002. I contacted Mr.Ram Bahadoor over telephone and told him to take admission to Master Sankar in the nearby school. I met Sankar and his family along with the reporters of Mathrubhoomi Daily on 4th June 2002. They took our photograph and published the same in the inner page of the leading daily Mathrubhoomy. Mr.Sankar said me “My first intention to join in school is to join in sports items”. Now I believe Miasm is the real and fast track to complete cure. I want to study more about miasms I know I tasted only a drop from this ocean.

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