9th International Seminar in The Hague

with Alize Timmerman

On June 21-26, 2012

Chronic Diseases and the Art of Homeopathic Healing Creating Insight from the Inside  

This seminar focuses on the homeopathic treatment of chronic diseases (Cancer, Lyme disease, Thyroid problems, Heart diseases, Obesity, etc.) especially related to family situations (parents / child; siblings). Information about family members may provide very relevant insights when analyzing a case, especially when the patient is a child.

Topics to discuss are :
Interactions between generations and siblings, including observation of the family sensations and the miasmas in the family. Here we will not only study homeopathic remedies, but also do some exercises with family constellations. Specific topics to focus on are the influences of the family factor in, e.g.: Lyme disease .

Comments on detoxification of the body after allopathic treatments with chemotherapy, vaccinations and other substances, during constitutional treatment.

Treatment of cancer, with focus on assisting people in the final stages of the disease. Wiet van Helmond will present his insights on this item in a  guest lecture

Beautiful C4-remedy pictures will be shared like Emerald, Oak, Zinc-muriaticum, Ignatia, lac elephant ,Amniotic Fluid,Placenta eo.

Alize will use her knowledge and experience collected in 30 years of practice to explain and elucidate the long-term treatment of chronic diseases. Divya Chhabra will present guest lectures on the same topic. Alize Timmerman will zoom in on how to keep these chronically ill long-term patients committed to the homeopathic and naturopathic components of their treatment. Alize sees healing as a creative process and elicits from her patients their input and commitment to the creative mutual pursuit of healing. Her patients have a saying: “It is not so easy to leave Alize’s treatment.” And this makes for a successful, lively and busy practice, a goal which Alize wishes all homeopaths to realize.

The six day seminar will be a mixture of lectures and experiential activities. Besides the exploration of triturations and 4C Homeopathy in order to research and understand remedies from the inside out, creativity will be stimulated by using family constellations, dance, movement and drawing.

We will also start a discussion regarding the animal part of ourselves and our patients. The animal part of our being can be seen as a gateway to the core of ourselves. In this discussion we may gain insight into the nature of certain animal remedies and our own connections with the “soul” and “anima” of these remedies..

In the past years, the Hahnemann Institute developed more than 100 hand triturated remedies. These remedies offer enormous success in the treatment of many chronic diseases of our time.

We invite you to create insight from inside with us, during this inspiring 6 days seminar.

The fee for the seminar is € 600,00 (exclusive food and drinks)

Catering is done by Jenna Shamat who will ask a small contribution [€ 90] for the cost of food and drinks).

You can register by sending an email to The Hahnemann Institute (hin@hahnemanninstituut.nl) or by calling +3170 3280862. The seminar qualifies for continuing educations for all major professional homeopathic societies in the Netherlands. At this point in time participants from about 10 countries have already registered, the total number of participants is limited to 45.

The Hague is a pleasant place to be in June, not too warm and definitely not too cold. There is a variety of inexpensive hotels in town and the beach is only 15 minutes from the institute by tram.

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