7 dimensional Lycopodium -free webinar by Enlightenment Education

Enlightenment Education brings you a unique way of learning materia medica of remedy Lycopodium – 7 DIMENSIONAL evolutionary living materia medica LYCOPODIUM

In this FREE webinar, the insights of materia medica of remedy Lycopodium will be covered though a 7 Dimensional Approach.

1st Dimension – CAUSE & EFFECT

Evolution from the core of remedy to the peripheral expressions of the remedy

2nd Dimension – AGE

Evolution from Conception to the Old age

3rd Dimension – MIASMATIC

Miasmatic evolution right from a healthy state to Psora – Sycosis – Tubercular to Syphilitic state

4th Dimension – GENDER

Evolution in Male and evolution in Female

5th Dimension – TIME

From functional – physiological state to structural pathological state

6th Dimension – SPACE

Evolution in relation to Work space, family space and Society space

7th Dimension – HIGHER FUNCTIONS

Evolution in terms of Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual

Learn the unique, prescriptive and confirmatory totality and understand the evolutionary prescription of Lycopodium from Dr. Jawahar Shah

On19th September 11 AM EST | 8:30 PM IST

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