24 days Clinical Workshop on Sensation Method

Basic Course in Homoeopathy – Introduction in Sensation Method – 24 days Clinical Workshop


How does a beginner start his practise?
The common questions that haunt every student once they step into their final year of college or internship is,

  • Will I be able to set up a successful practise?
  • How will I apply all that I have learnt in college in practise?
  • Do I have the confidence to treat common ailments and acutes?
  • How will I make it in life?

One tends to compare with their friends doing graduation in commerce or arts, and they feel their peer group will probably be more successful than them despite of spending 5 years in a medical college. But this is harsh reality, which is responsible for many potentially good students drift away from Homoeopathy. We often see the best of the student, don’t practise Homoeopathy. This happens despite of the best formal education in colleges, and one reason being a lack of clinical training. Maybe what they get in their internship is not enough. Maybe they need more vigorous hands-on training and demonstration of successful case after case to get an optimal level of confidence.

This scenario, which is more critical in reality than what it appears on paper, as it means a progressive dwindling of homoeopaths taking up full time serious homoeopathic practise, which indicates a direct threat to the existence of the science in coming years. This is the fact not only in India, but globally.

Recognising this need, we have designed basic courses which are applicable for all interns and beginners, that being the most vulnerable stage, and also the most vital moment for them to see practical application of all the theory taught in college. Its only after they see case after case, with good results, they will develop the optimal level of confidence to start their practise. In these courses, we will only focus on showing them successful cases of well known, polycrest remedies, and then towards the end show live cases demonstrating the practical application.

Course Design and Content
The course is specially designed for interns & beginners to understand the Principles of Homoeopathy & its application in their practice. This course will give them an insight into practical homoeopathy; an opportunity to witness the cases treated by Senior Practitioners followed by a detailed discussion in which the teachers will share practical tips from their vast clinical experiences.

The course content includes live demonstrations of case taking and a few video cases to highlight the importance of different techniques of case taking to better understand patients and hone one’s skill on the same.

The course is designed to further refine the clinical skills & learn the concept of the Sensation Method with a detailed understanding on kingdoms, sub-kingdoms & miasms. This enables the practitioner to understand and treat their patients with greater clarity and confidence.

Lecture Topics 

All courses will cover lectures on the following topics:

  • Practical application of case taking techniques by integrating the fundamental principles of Classical Homoeopathy with concepts of the Sensation Method
  • Detailed discussions with senior homoeopaths on case-taking, case understanding, and case management.
  • Learning various questioning techniques with a parallel thought process of the homoeopath
  • Case Analysis
  • Differentiating between common and characteristic symptoms
  • Converting characteristic symptoms into rubrics
  • Practical application of the concepts of Miasms and Levels of Experience
  • Understand and distinguishing between Delusion and Sensation
  • Differentiating between Sensation and Miasm
  • Deepening students’ understanding of well known remedies from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms, and integrating them with the Sensation Method
  • Selecting the right potency and repetition
  • How to manage acute situations
  • Further refinement in case taking techniques
  • Understanding how to deal with patients in denial/ projection/ rationalization/ intellectualization
  • Determining how deep one should go into a case
  • How to determine when case taking is complete
  • Further exploring and assessing Miasms and Levels of Experience in a case
  • Further exploring the three kingdoms:

Plant kingdom – differentiation between apparently similar families

Mineral kingdom – differentiation between the rows

Animal kingdom – differentiation between the classes 

Students are expected to carry at least one repertory.

Eligibility: For Interns and Beginners 

Duration: 24 Working Days (except Sunday & Public Holidays)

Why do a 24 day course?

“In doing a 24 days course, firstly it takes 2 weeks to get acclimatized, to know what is happening, to understand the concepts and to see the different styles of practice. To see others who are practicing the same concepts but applying in their own unique ways. Once we see it, once we get acclimatized, then it takes 2 weeks to see the same process repeated, to see it more solidified and to be able to think and participate. And also get to see some of the follow-ups of some of the cases you see. Anything less than 24 days is like being a spectator. 

I found in my practice that even 24 days is a very small amount of time. I believe some of my assistants took many years to learn the technique, refine it and make it their own. Some of the senior teacher’s have been associated with me for years. Then they branch out on their own. 24 days itself is a sampler. Anything less than this, you may just get familiar to the concept.”    Dr Rajan Sankaran 

Course timings:  9:00am to 5:00pm Monday – Saturday,   10:00 am to 6:00 pm on the 2nd and 15th of every month 

Course Fees:

  • Interns – sponsored by academy*    provided the intern successfully completes the course
  • Practitioners – Rs. 12,000/-
  • M.D Students: 50% discount i.e. Rs. 6000/-
  • Beginner Practitioners within 3months of completion of internship: 50% discount i.e. Rs. 6000/-
  • Additional charges for food and accommodation

Group discount:
If 10 students join any course together as a group, they get 1 complimentary seat in the same course, or in any other advanced or teachers’ training programmes.  

Course Certification:
A certificate of participation will be issued to all students who successfully complete the course. 

For more details on courses contact: romathadani@theothersong.com


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