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RADAR Opus with Synthesis 2011

Innovative Software from Archibel How to upgrade from RADAR 10? Synthesis 2010 & radaropus combine in an open, flexible platform. Features, difference, price, and lot more…. Native Mac and PC versions Single Search all resources: […]

Homeopathic Softwares

SIMILIMUM ULTRA Sharp-Shoot Homoeopathic Software

SIMILIMUMULTRA is   a  state-of-art,  user-friendly    clinical   software    solution    for Homoeopathic Practitioners, visibly outstanding by its quality, simplicity and reasonable pricing among those   currently   available   in   the   market.   It is   the   final  glorious  outcome   of  more   […]

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MD (Homeopathy) Part 1 Assignments

 (Man in health, Man in disease) Applied Anatomy, Applied Physiology, Applied Pathology, Statistics, Psychology, History of medicine Compiled by Dr Mansoor Ali Parainfluenza virusus Chikungunya Dengue Rabies Hepatitis Viruses Rubella AIDS Water soluble vitamins Fat […]