Clinical Tips in Homoeopathy

Instant Prescriptions in Homeopathy

 Dr Sayeed Ahammed Abortion at 2nd or 3rd month*Cimicifuga, Sabina, Secale cornutum. Abortion from debility*Aletris, Helonias. Abortion from traumatism*Arnica. Abortion threatened*Blumia odorata, Caulophyllum, Helonias, Viburnum. Abscess*Myristica. Acne*Berberis aquefolium, Juglans regia. Addison’s disease*Adrenalin. Adenoids*Agraphis nutans. Adiposity*Calotropis, […]

Clinical Tips in Homoeopathy

Homeopathy Clinical tips from Dr S K Banaerjee

Dr.S.K.Banaerjee  Allen College of Homeopathy Email: Apathy – to illness Gels, Phos Ac, Plumbum Met. Abortive – Pinus Lambertina (less than 3/12 gestation),(15dr bd = 40% success in 3/52),Caulophyllum (over 3/12),NB. Consider constitution & […]

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Lady BHMS doctors required at Durgapur

BHMS doctors- Lady candidates preferred staying close to Clinic. Starting salary Rs.10,000/- to Rs.15,000/- depending on experience/ qualifications. All candidates are expected to be well groomed, with effective communication skills, fluency in English/Hindi/Bengali and have […]