Date posted: August 26, 2011

PowerPoint Presentations & Lectures  

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Interpretation of surgical pathology report

Management & treatment of herniaDr Lijitha K K

Relationship of surgery with Pathology

Management before, during and after a surgical operation - Dr. CLEMENT  R S D’ SOUZA

Recent advances in Surgery - Dr. Divakar Shenoy

Relationship of Anatomy with Surgery – Dr E S J Prabhu Kiran

Role of homoeopathy in the area of surgery - Dr. P. Chakraborty

Clinical approach towards Surgery with Homoeopathic perspective – Dr.M.A.Udachankar

Ryles tube administration

Surgical pathology of the stomach – Ackerman.

Training programme on First –Aid

Basic research in surgery – Dr Divakar Shenoy

Role of homoeopathy in the area of surgery – Dr. P. Chakraborty

Oral surgery and Homoeopathy

Hydronephrosis – Aswathi K Sasi

Pathology & pathogenesis of peptic ulcer – Ajeesha Vasudevan

Acute surgical infections of kidney – Smitha Mohan

Treatment of peptic ulcer – Anju Mohan

Hernia Part.1 – Dr.Sharika.K.U

Hernia Part.II – Dr.Sharika.K.U

Medical Ethics in operating room – a reminder Prof.Mamoun Kremli

Principles of stress incontinence surgeries – Dr.V.P.Paily

Orbital and nasoethmoid fractures – Dr.Subrahmanya Iyer

Reconstruction of defects of Middle Third of leg & Compartment Syndrome - Dr.U.R.Nandakumar

Management of Fractures of Midface, Mandible & Zygoma- Concepts and Techniques – Dr.George Varghese

Soft tissue injuries of the face Prof.S.Jagadeesh

Soft tissue coverage in lower third leg and foot defects Dr.Ravindra Bharathi

Role of homoeopathy in the field of surgery

Anterior abdominal wall – surgery & surface anatomy Dr. P. S .Aithala

Basic research in Surgery – Dr. Divakar Shenoy

Principles of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation – Dr.Sripada G Mehandale

FNAC – Fine needle aspiration cytology

Growth Chart


Anesthesia work up, Anastasia fitness and post anesthesia care – Dr.Gayathri bhat

Role of homoeopathy in the area of surgery – Dr. P. Chakraborty

Life threatening situations, various methods of treatments and homodynamic stabilization – Dr. Leo Francis Tauro

Chondrosarcoma of the occipital bone – Dr. G.K.Swethadri

Relationship of surgery with Pathology

Perioperative Management – Dr. Clement R S D’ souza

Recent Advances in Surgery Dr. Divakar Shenoy

Relationship of Anatomy with Surgery – Dr E S J Prabhu Kiran

Clinical approach towards Surgery with Homoeopathic perspective Dr.M.A.Udachankar

Surgical pathology of the stomach – Ackerman