Date posted: October 31, 2012

PSYCHOLOGY – PowerPoint Presentations & Lectures  

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You can use these slides as such without any modification. Please give the authors the credit they deserve and do not change the author’s name. Compare your own slides before you are going to present a seminar  with the slides given here.  

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Learning – recall – Dr Shilpa Sharma

Math Anxiety & CBGT

Meditation – Dr A S Mridul

Memory remembering

Memory loss

Hypnotism & Mesmerism

Methods of  psychology

Mind and homoeopathy – Dr Smita Brahmachari

Motivation and Hygiene

Motivation – facts


Personality disorders

Expanding your personal power

Psychoanalysis of  Dr Sigmond Freud – Dr Jayadeep

Psychosexual disorders

Psychology introduction

Psychology personality – Dr Shipa Sharma

Psychosocial effects of alcohol abuse and drug dependence

Somatoform disorders

Somatoform disordr2

The important of psychology in study of homoeopathic materia medica – Prof.(dr.) Rajesh d. Sanja


Frustration stress

Impulse control disorders

Relaxation techniques – Dr A S Mridul

Let’s tot up our Personality – DR. Pratik Bhattacharya

Mood disorders

Perception and illusion

Organization of blood and blood forming organs 

Anxiety – somatization disorders

Cognitive behavior therapy

Biological basis of Behaviour


Communication, Counselling & Psychotherapy – Dr Gireesh K

Marital Discord Concepts, Causes and Management – Dr M S Indira

Suicide: Identification of Intent and Management Dr. A Basheer Kutty

Arterial blood pressure and its regulating factors - Ar Soumya AP

For the Record: The Misinterpretation of Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience

Development of mental makeup a journey from womb to tomb  Dr. Bullal  Gupta

Emotion – features

Commentators in 20th century

Introduction to psychology Dr.Sr Temy Thomas

A study on emotions -Dr.Pratik Battacharya

Behavior - Dr.Rumsheed Necholi

Alfred Adler’s concept regarding personality development - Dr.Smitha.R.Menon

Personality – theories and percepts Dr.Partha.P.Ray

Psychology basics

Psychosocial problems faced by palliative care patientsDr.Uhus G Menon

Concept of Sigmaund Freud

Mesmerism and Hypnotism Dr.Smitha Velayudhan

Intelligence Dr.Divya Sambasivan

Motivation, Will, Drive: Kentian Model in the Light of Modern Psychology - Dr.Anand Kaspe

Concept of organic whole Dr.Ranjit Chandra

Perception Dr.Ranjit Chandra


Concept of mind -mesmer - Dr.R.Rejikumar

Positive attitude Dr.M.Premachandran

Psychology- personality Dr.Shilpa Sharma

Adler’s concept Dr.Swapna.A.K

Behavior - Dr.Harihara Iyer

Learning Dr.Asha

Emotions - Dr.Binuraj.T.K

Karen Horney Dr.Deepa.T.B

Intelligence Dr.Safna

Memory - Dr.Swapna



Existentialism - Dr.Jaseela

Jung psychology or analytical psychology

Psychosomatic disorders - Dr.Manju K Xavier

Raymond Cattell – Factor Analytic Trait Theory Dr.Sujaya Nair

Schools of psychology Dr.Jaseela

Sigmund Freud

Stress Dr.Navas

Mental health and Homeopathy Dr. B.P.Sharma

How to teach psychological materia medica Dr. K. M. Dhawale