Date posted: March 30, 2012

Dr Mansoor Ali 

A compilation of cancer related rubrics for day to day clinical practice

Homeopaths are not guarantying a complete cure in cancer, but we can palliate effectively and it is cost effective also. Here we are representing few authentic rubrics which are useful for our day to day practice. One mark remedies are avoided where large numbers of medicines are represented in one rubric itself.

Synthesis Repertory  9.2

  • DELUSIONS – cancer, has a : Carc, ruta, sabad, verat
  • FEAR – cancer; of : AGAR, ARS. Lob, MANC. Nit-ac. PLAT. Positr, PSOR.
  • FEAR – death, of – cancer; of carc.
  • SADNESS – cancer; with : ars. carc. con. graph. iod.
  • EYE – CANCER :  Bell. CALC. LAUR. Lyc. PHOS. Sep. Sil
  • NOSE – CANCER : Ars. AUR. Aur-m. Calc.Carb-an,JUG-C.Kali-c.Kreos.Nit-ac,Phos,Phyt,Sep,Zinc
  • FACE – CANCER : ARS. Aurk Carb-an,Graph.JUG-C. Kali-ar. Phos.
  • FACE – ERUPTIONS – cancerous :Rhus-t
  • FACE – ULCERS – Lips – cancerous : Ars, Aur-m, Clem, CON. Kali-bi, Phos.
  • MOUTH – ODOR – offensive – accompanied by – cancer : cit-ac. kali-perm. oxal-a. sep.
  • THROAT – CANCER : Carb-ank Lach. led. Phos. 
  • STOMACH – APPETITE – diminished – cancer; in : iod.
  • STOMACH – CANCER : Acet-ac, ARS. Ars-i.BISM. Cadm-s,Caps, CARB-AC. CARB-AN. Carb-v. CON. Crot-h. CUND. Hydr, Iris, Kreos1 LYC, Merc-c.,Nat-m.,PHOS. Sep.,Sil.,Staph. Sulph, Thuj.,Uran-n.
  • STOMACH – PAIN – cancer of stomach; in : cund.
  • STOMACH – VOMITING – cancer; from : carb-ac. Carc. kreos.
  • STOMACH – VOMITING; TYPE OF – coffee grounds, like – gastric cancer, in : phos.
  • ABDOMEN – INFLAMMATION – Colon – cancerous : mag-c. mag-m. mag-s. phos.
  • RECTUM – CANCER : ALOE. Alum. alumn. ARS-I. Kali-c. Merc. Nat-s. Nit-ac., Scir. Thuj.
  • RECTUM – CONSTIPATION – cancer of rectum, uterus : alumn.
  • RECTUM – CONSTRICTION – uterine cancer, from : kreos.
  • RECTUM – DIARRHEA – cancer of rectum; due to : card-m.
  • RECTUM – PAIN – cancer, due to : laur
  • KIDNEYS – CANCER : calc. chim. form. sars. solid.
  • PROSTATE GLAND – CANCER of prostate : CON.Cop. Iod. Lyc,Psor. SABAL. Scir Sel. Sil, Sulph.THUJ. 
  • PROSTATE GLAND – PAIN – cancer, in : cadm-f, carc. crot-h.
  • MALE GENITALIA/SEX – ULCERS – cancer-like : arg-n.
  • FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX – INDURATION – Uterus – Cervix – cancerous : aur. carb-an. con. nat-c. sep.
  • FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX – METRORRHAGIA – cancerous affections, in : bell.crot-h. kreos. lach. phos. sabin. Thlas. ust.
  • FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX – METRORRHAGIA – dark blood – cancer; in : cadm-met.
  • FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX – ULCERS – Uterus – Cervix – cancerous : bufo. Med. mez. 
  • LARYNX AND TRACHEA – CANCER : ars. con. hydr. iod. lap-a. nit-ac. phos. phyt. sang. sil. thuj.
  • CHEST – CANCER – Mammae – last stage – mastectomy of opposite cancerous mamma; after : lac-c.
  • CHEST – ULCERS – Mammae – cancerous : ars-i. calc-sil. hydr. scroph-n. sil.
  • BACK – PAIN – Cervical region – cancer; from : hydrc. 
  • SKIN – CANCER : ARS-BR. ARS-I. cund. kali-ar. kali-s. rad-br. x-ray
  • SKIN – ULCERS – cancerous : Ambr. Anthraci. ARAN. ARS. Ars-i. ARS-S-F.Aster. AUR-S. BROM.  BUFO, Calc-s. Carb-ac.Carb-an.Carb-v. Carbn-s.Con.Crot-c. Ferr. Gali. Graph. HEP. Hippoz.Kali-i. Kreos. Lach. LYC. Lyss. Merc. Mill. Nit-ac. Petr. Ph-ac. Phos. Phyt. Rhus-t. Sang. Sep. SIL. Staph. SULPH. Thuj. Zinc
  • GENERALS – CACHEXIA – cancer; from :  Kreos.
  • GENERALS – CANCEROUS affections : ABROT. Ambr. Ant-m. Apis.  ARS. Ars-i. Aster. Aur. Aur-m. Bapt. BROM. Bry.Bufo. Cadm-sk Calc. Calc-i. Calc-p. Calc-s.. Calen. Carb-ac. CARB-AN. Carb-v. Carbn-s. Cham. Cic.Cist. Cit-ac. CON. Gaert. Gali. Graph. Ham. Hippoz. Hydr. Iod. Jug-c. Kali-ar. Kali-bi. Kali-cy. Kali-i. Kali-p.1 Kali-s. Kreos.Lach. Lap-a. LYC. Merc. Merc-i-f. Mill. Morph. NIT-AC. Ol-an. Op. PHOS. PHYT. Sang. Scir. Sec.Semp. SIL. Strych-g. Sulph. Ter. Thuj. X-ray
  • CANCEROUS affections – colloid cancer : carb-ac. carb-an. hydr. Lach. lob-e. Phos
  • EMACIATION – cancerous affections; in : brom. carc. cory.
  • FAMILY HISTORY of – cancer : brom. calc-ar. carb-an. Carc. con. cund. Scir. Trif-p. 
  • GENERALS – HEMORRHAGE – cancer; in: mill. PHOS. SANG. strych-g.
  • GENERALS – HISTORY; personal – cancer; of : carc. Con. med. morb. Trif-p.
  • GENERALS – INDURATIONS – cancerous : aur-ar.
  • GENERALS – MUCOUS MEMBRANES; complaints of – cancer of : eucal.
  • GENERALS – ODOR OF THE BODY – offensive – cancerous affections; in : bufo, cinnm. strych-g.
  • GENERALS – PAIN – cancerous affections, in :  Apis, Ars. Calc. Calc-act. Cit-ac. Euph. Hydr.
  • GENERALS – ULCERS – Glands – cancerous : ARS. Bell. BROM. CON. Hep.Sep. Sil. SULPH.
  • GENERALS – WEAKNESS – cancer; in : cadm-i. carb-an. carb-v. nat-c.
  • GENERALS – WEAKNESS – operation, from – cancer surgery : kali-p.
  • GENERALS – WOUNDS – heal; tendency to – slowly – cancer; in : coenz-q. 

Murphy’s Repertory  3rd Edition
A separate Chapter Cancer with large number of rubrics and sub rubrics are available in Murphy’s Repertory. 

  • ABDOMEN, cancer : Calc-ar. Hydr. lob-e. Orni.
  • AXILLA, cancer : ars. ASTER. Brom. Carb-an. chim. Con. Phyt. scroph-m. scroph-n.
  • BASAL cell, cancer :  AUR-M. Carc.  Hydr.  Kali-bi. Sol
  • BIOPSIES, cancer from getting : calen. graph. hyper. kreos. led. sil. staph. thuj.
  • BLADDER, cancer : Carc. Con. Crot-h. TER. Thuj.
  • BONE, cancer :  Aur. CADM-MET. Calc. Carc. Con. HECLA, Phos. SCIR. SYMPH. 
  • BREAST, cancer :  Apis, Arg-n. Ars. Ars-i. ASTER. Aur-ar. Aur-m-n. Bad. Bell. Bell-p. Brom. BUFO, Calc-f,  Calen.Carb-ac.CARB-AN. CARC. Chim. Clem. CON. CUND. EUPH. Gali, GRAPH. Hep . Hippoz. Hydr.  Kali-I,.Lac-c, Lach, Lob-e. Lyc. Maland. MERC. Merc-i-f. Nit-ac. Ox-ac. PHOS. PHYT. Psor. PULS. Sang. SCIR. SCROPH-N. SEP. SIL. Sulph. Thuj.
  • BREAST, cancer – mastectomy, after – cancer appears in the other breast, after : Lac-c, lach. lyc.
  • BREAST, cancer – scars, cancer in old cicatrices : carb-an. GRAPH. phyt. sil. 
  • CACHEXIA, emaciation with cancer :  ALF. ARS. Cadm-i. CADM-S. CARC. Con. Cund. HYDR. Kali-i. Nit-ac. Orni. Plb.Sars. SCIR. SCROPH-N. Sed-ac. SIL. 
  • CERVIX, cancer of uterine :  AUR-M-N. Carb-an. CON. Scir
  • CLAVICLES, cancer, fungus haematodes : sep
  • COAL TAR, cancer from : carb-an. carb-v. crot-h. graph. lach. naja petr.
  • COLLOID, mucinous cancer : ars. carb-ac. hydr. Lach. Phos.
  • COLON, cancer : ALOE. Alum. Ars. Cadm-i. Cadm-s.  Carc. Graph. HYDR. Kali-c. Lap-a. LYC. Nit-ac. Orni. Scir. Thuj 
  • CONTUSIONS, cancer after : Bell-p. CON. 
  • DELUSION, that they have or will get cancer :  ARS. Asar. Calc. CARC. Chel. Cic. COLCH. Iod. Kali-c. Lyc. NUX-V. PULS. Sabad. Sep. STAPH. Tarent. VERAT.
  • DEPOSITS, cancer after removal of : kali-p. maland.
  • DREAMS, of cancer : carc. halo.
  • ESOPHAGUS, cancer : Arg-n. Ars. Carc. CAUST. Con. Hydr. Sil. Thuj.
  • EYELIDS, cancer : apis. clem. con. cund. hydr. lach. phyt. ran-b. sep. staph. thuj.
  • EYES, cancer : Bell. CALC. Carc. Lach. LAUR. Lyc. PHOS.  Sep. Sil.
  • FACE, cancer :  ARS. Aur. Carb-an. Cist. Con. Kali-ar. Kali-s. Lach. Phos.
  • FEAR, cancer, of :  ARS. CALC. CARC. Kali-ar. Lob. MANC. Nit-ac. PHOS. PLAT. PSOR.
  • FEAR, cancer, of – rectum cancer, fear of, although examination shows nothing abnormal : plat. 
  • FEMALE, genitalia, cancer :  Arg-met. Ars. Ars-i. Aur-m-n. Calth. Carb-an. CARC. CON. Graph. Hydr. 1 Kali-bi. Kreos. Lap-a .Pall, Phos. Phyt. Scir. Sec. Sil. Thlas. Thuj. 
  • GANGLIA, cancer :  Aur-m. CARB-AN. CON.
  • GLANDS, cancer, adenocarcinoma : Ars-i.ASTER. Aur-m. Bar-i. Brom. Calc-f. Calc-i. CARB-AN. CARC.Cist. CON. Cory. Cund. Iod. Lap-a. Phos. PHYT. SCROPH-N. 
  • GRIEF, cancer after : aur-m-n.carc. con. nat-m.
  • INJURY, cancer from :  Bell-p. Con
  • JAWS, cancer : Ant-c. Ars. Calc-f. HECLA. Scir. SYMPH.
  • LARYNX, vocal cords, cancer :  Arg-n. Ars. Carc. Con. Lach. Phos. Phyt. THUJ.
  • LIPS, cancer : Ars. Aur-m.Bell. Carb-an.Cic. Cist. CON. CUND. Kreos. Lach. Lyc. Scir. Sep. Sil.
  • LIVER, cancer : ARS.  Calc-ar.Carc. Card-m.CHEL. Chlol. Chlor. CHOL. HYDR. Ins. LYC. Nat-s. SCIR.
  • LUNGS, cancer : Acal.  Arg-n. ARS. Asbest. Carc. Cob. CON. Kali-bi.  Lach. Lap-a. LYC. Phos.  Rado. Scir. Sil. Tub. 
  • LYMPHOMA, lymphatic glands, cancer :  Ars. Ars-i.  Bar-i.  Calc-f. Calc-i. CARB-AN. Carc. Con. Phos. Phyt. SCROPH-N.
  • MALE, genitalia, cancer : Carb-an. Carc. CON. Scir. Thuj.
  • MEDIASTINUM, cancer:  Scir. SCROPH-N. Spong. Thuj.
  • MENTAL, states, cancer with strong :  ARS. AUR. Aur-m-n. CARC. Con. Scir. STAPH. Verat. 
  • MIASM, cancer : ARS. Ars-i. ASTER. Bar-i.  BROM. Cadm-i. Cadm-met. Cadm-s. Calc-f.  CARC. CON. Cund. HYDR. Iod. Kali-i. LAP-A. Orni. Phos. PHYT. SCIR. SCROPH-N. Thuj. Tub.
  • MIASM, cancer – history of cancer in family : CARC. con. hydr. Scir 
  • MOUTH, cancer :   AUR-M. Carc. Con. HYDR. Kali-cy. Merc. Semp.
  • NAUSEA, with cancer :  Cadm-s. Hydr. ip. kreos.
  • NOSE, cancer :   Ars. AUR. Aur-m. Calc.  Carb-an. Kreos. Phyt. Sep.
  • ODORS, cancerous, offensive : Bufo. Carb-an. Kreos.
  • OVARIAN, cancer : Apis. AUR-M-N. Carc. CON. Lach. Lil-t. Pall. Scir. Sep. Thuj. VIP. 
  • PAINLESS, cancer : con. op.
  • PAINS, from cancer :  Apis. ARS. Ars-i. ASTER. CADM-S. Calc-act. Calc-ar. CARC. Cit-ac. Coloc. Con. EUPH. HYDR. Lact. OX-AC. SCIR. Syph. X-ray
  • PAINS, from cancer – painless, cancers : con. op.
  • PANCREAS, cancer :  Bar-i. Cadm-s. Calc-ar. Carc. CEAN. Chel. CON. HYDR. Scir.
  • PAROTID, cancer : merc. Phyt. Scir.
  • PENIS, cancer : arg-n. ars. bell. carb-an. carbn-s. con. phos. phyt. sil. spong. thuj.
  • PERIOSTEUM, cancer : con. phos.ruta. scir. symph.
  • PHARYNX, cancer : cist.
  • PROSTATE, cancer : Carc. CON. Cop. LYC. Psor. SABAL, SCIR. Sel. Sil. Sulph. THUJ. 
  • RECTUM, cancer : ALOE. Alum. Ars. Card-m. Graph. HYDR. Kali-c. Kali-i. Lach. Nat-s. NIT-AC. Phyt. Plb. Ruta.  Scir. Sep. Thuj.
  • RECTUM, cancer – anus, cancer : NIT-AC. Ruta. Scir.
  • RECTUM, cancer – constipation, with cancer : alum. grat. kreos. plb.
  • RECTUM, cancer – diarrhea, with cancer : ars. card-m. chin. podo. 
  • SCARS, cancer in old : graph. sil. thiosin.
  • SCIRRHUS, cancer :  Anac. Ars. Aster. Calc-s. CARB-AN. Carb-v. Carbn-s. CON. Cund. gali. Graph. Hydr. Lap-a. Petr. Phos. Phyt. SCIR. SIL. Sulph.
  • SCROTUM, cancer : ars. carb-an. fuli. ph-ac. thuj.
  • SKIN, cancer : Ars. ARS-BR. Carc. Euph. SOL. Sulph.
  • SMOKING, cancer from tobacco : ars. calad. cob. Con. kali-bi. lach. phos.
  • SPLEEN, cancer : ars. borx. cadm-m. Cean.
  • SQUAMOUS, cell, cancer :  AUR-M. Carc.  Hydr. Kali-bi. Sol
  • STERNUM, cancer : ars-s-r. sulph.
  • STOMACH, cancer : Acet-ac. Arg-n. ARS. Ars-i. BISM. CADM-S. Calc.Caps.  CARB-AC. CARB-AN. Carb-v. Carc. CON. Crot-h. CUND. HYDR. Ip. Iris. KALI-BI. Kreos.Lach. LYC. Merc-c. Mez. ORNI. PHOS. Scir. Sec. Sep. Sil. Staph. Sulph. Verat.
  • SUBMAXILLARY, glands, cancer : Anthraci. calc-s. carb-an. ferr-i.
  • SUICIDAL, disposition, cancer patients or in heredity : Aur. Carc. scir.
  • SURGERY, cancer, after : CALEN. Carc. lac-c. lach. 
  • TESTES, cancer :  Aur.  Carb-an. Carc. CON. Phyt.  Sil. Spong.
  • THROAT, cancer : cadm-i. Carb-an. led. tarent. thuj.
  • THYROID, cancer :  Carc. Iod. Lach. Scir. Spong. THUJ.
  • TONGUE, cancer : Alumn. Apis. Ars. Aur. AUR-M. Carb-an. Carc. Con.Hydr. KALI-CY. Kali-i. Lach. Mur-ac. Nit-ac. Phos. Phyt. Scir. Semp. Sil.
  • TRACHEA, cancer :  Ars. Con. Phyt. 
  • ULCERS, cancerous : Ambr. Anthraci. ARN. ARS. Ars-i. ARS-S-F. Aster. AUR-S. Bell. BUFO. Calc-s. Carb-ac. Carb-an. Carb-v. Carbn-s. CON. Crot-c. CUND. Ferr. Gali. Graph. HEP. Hippoz. Hydr. Kali-i. Kreos. Lach. LYC. Lyss. Merc.  Milli. Nit-ac. Petr. Ph-ac. Phos. Phyt. Rhus-t.  Scir. Sep. SIL.  Staph. SULPH.Thuj.Zinc. 
  • ULCERS, cancerous – glands,, cancerous :  ARS. Bell. BUFO. CON. Hep. Kreos.Merc.Sep. Sil. SULPH.
  • UTERUS, cancer :  Arg-met. Arg-n. ARS. ARS-I. AUR-M-N.Bufo. Calc. Carb-an. Carb-v.Carc. Cinnm. CON. Crot-h. GRAPH. HYDR. Iod.KREOS. LACH. Lap-a. Lil-t. LYC.  Merc-i-f. MURX. Nat-c.. Nat-m. Nit-ac. PHOS. Phyt. Scir. Sec. SEP. SIL. Staph.THUJ. VIP. Zinc.
  • UTERUS, cancer – cervix – pre-cancerous : carc. con. hir. scir.
  • UTERUS, cancer – pre-cancerous : cand-al. con. hir. thuj. 
  • VACCINATIONS, cancer after :  Sil. Thuj.
  • VAGINA, cancer : Con. Ferr-i. KREOS.Scir.
  • VOMITING, with cancer : Ars. BISM. CADM-S. Carb-ac. Carb-an. Hydr. Ip.Mez. Orni. Phos. 
  • WARTS, cancerous : aur-m. ferr-pic. nit-ac. thuj.
  • WEAKNESS, with cancer : ALF. ARS. CADM-S. CARC. CON. HYDR. Phyt. Plb. Plb-i. SCIR.
  • WEAKNESS, with cancer – cancer, after : Alf.
  • WOUNDS, cancer from : calen. con. graph. kreos. led. sil. staph. thuj. 

Concept of Stalwarts
Dr.Kent in his lesser writings discuss why is cancer incurable. He tells that in most cases there is paucity of symptoms ,and there is nothing discoverable but the malignant growth and its associated features of hardness ,stinging pain ulceration ,enlarged glands and the tendency to involve the surrounding parts in its own development .If the child’s mental symptoms could be fully ascertained and the symptom from child hood to the adult age ,some thing might be done .Cancer generally comes on in later life ,when childhood action have forgotten .If the symptoms that have appeared from birth to the present date are undiscovered ,it is no wonder that cancer is incurable.  (J.T.Kent, Why cancer is incurable, Lesser writings)

Hahnemann says all curable disease make themselves known to the intelligent physician in signs and symptoms Pathological conditions as also the patient are incurable when there are no signs and symptoms .In proportion as the pathology progress signs and symptoms decreases. This is true in cancer cases. In terminal cancer cases there are paucity of symptoms and even if there is any that are mainly the common symptoms or pathological symptoms.

As Dr. Stuart close says, the gross tissue changes, organic lesions, morphological disproportion and the physical effect of mechanical causes are not primarily with in the domain of similia and there for are not the object of homoeopathic treatment, the morbid process from which they arise, or to which they lead are amenable to homoeopathic medications. Homoeopathic remedies by virtue of their power to control vital function and increase resistance often exercise a favorable influence upon the physical development as well as up on the tangible products of disease or accident .Thus the growth of the tumor may be retarded or arrested .So the conditions like cancer with gross tissue changes we can’t expect a cure and the only thing a homoeopath can do is to palliate the suffering.(Stuart Close, The scope of homoeopathy, Life, health and disease, The genius of homoeopathy)

Article originally published in Homeopathic Medical Panorama 2008


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