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Dr. Mansoor Ali K R
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Guidelines to Candidates

  • A comprehensive and up to date knowledge in Practice of medicine and Community Medicine (SPM) is necessary.
  • Davidson is the approved text by MOH
  • No Homoeopathic / Alternative medicine questions during the theory exams, but liberally during interview.
  • Questions are MCQ (multiple choice questions) type with 4/5 answers.
  • Remember all the answers are more or less similar but only one is similmum.
  • Recently pattern of questions entirely changed.
  • 60 MCQ (for 40marks) and 40 short answer type questions ( for 60 marks) were asked.
  • Questions are of PG standard
  • Latest investigative procedures and normal biochemical values in International Units are asked for theory and viva.

The following documents should be submitted along with the application form:

  • Evaluation application form.
  • Curriculum Vitae (C.V).
  • Copies of academic certificates provided the originals are attested by the official authorities.
  • Copies of experience certificates provided the originals are attested by the official authorities.
  • Copy of registration in the relevant syndicate in the applicant’s country of origin.
  • Personal declaration.
  • List of referable researches, studies and sources (for doctors, specialist technicians and consultants).
  • Established fees payment receipt.
  • Curriculum Vitae (preferably one page)
  • Passport Copy and Three (3) recent passport size colour photographs
  • Copy of mark sheets / Transcripts for each year or semester (Authenticated or Certified true copy by the college or a Notary Officer)
  • Copy of Internship completion Certificate (Authenticated or Certified true copy by the college or a Notary Officer)
  • Copies of Diplomas and Degrees (Authenticated/attested by the Ministry of Higher Education and the UAE Embassy in the country where Degree has been awarded)
  • A practical short duration training course certificate is required in any one of the Emergency Care courses such as: Advance Life Support, First Aid Course, or CPR. The training should have been done from an authorized training centre in the UAE or abroad, like Red Crescent Society, Red Cross Society, or any Major Hospitals, etc. (Distant Education Courses and Online internet courses would not be accepted)
  • Experience letters/certificates in your field of specialty, including the date of appointment and termination of duties.


Now apply online

Registration Fees would be accepted only by E-Dirham, which could be purchased through any of the local banks.

Registration would start at 8:00 a.m to 12:00 noon.

Only 75 applications would be registered per registration day.

Maximum number of seats for each cycle of TCAM examination would be 150 persons.

Those who had failed the previous exam can bring their registration slip and register again, for this exam.

Number of Seats

  • Maximum number of seats for each cycle of TCAM examination would be 150 persons.
  • Number of attempts : 3 attempts are possible
  • After getting MOH license you need to get attached to the concerned Emirates Ministry of health where you are going to get placed.
  • Usually 2 exams are conducted per year.
  • You have only 3 chances to win/attend
  • 80-90% marks in theory is necessary for in attending the interview

Note on Incomplete applications:

  • “Incomplete” files are those applications that have one or more of missing documents such as: required attestation, relevant experience certificates, passport copy, etc.
  • For more details, please refer to Examinations Section at the Recruitment Department, First Floor, Ministry of Health, Abu Dhabi.

Certificate attestation & Submission
Your BHMS degree certificate should be attested by embassy of UAE in your country . For this you have to send – Internship certificate, degree certificate, final year mark list, registration certificate ( medical council) and Transcript ( obtained from the university in which you have got BHMS or equivalent certificate ) through an approved Travel agency or directly.

Minimum time required for this : 10-18 days

Electronic Dirham 100 should be paid there.

Arrange Visa, flight ticket, accommodation etc at your own risk and expense .

A minimum of 10-15 days stay is required.


  • 2 years after Degree or 3 Years after Diploma
  • UAE national Doctors are exempted from the (2) years’ experience condition, hence the year of internship is sufficient for evaluation.
  • Excellent command of English language (written and spoken) is a condition

Ranking/License to practice/Certificates

For those who secure higher marks will be awarded Independent Practice Certificate. For others Under the Clinic license only.

Upon the recommendation of the examination committee, the evaluation committee grants one of the following options according to the qualifications, experiences and results of written and oral examinations:

a. Allowed to work in a medical center

b. Allowed to work independently

c. Allowed to work under supervision in the same specialty

Job in UAE

At present no government jobs are available for Alternative medicine people at UAE. But you can earn much from your private practice or attached to many hospitals.

1. Who is eligible to sit for C.A.M Practioner’s Examination?

a. Alternative Medicine Degree holders (MD in a branch of Alternative Medicine, DC, DO, BHMS, BAMS, BUMS, BAc, BSc Hom, BTCM, etc.)

b. Medical Degree holders (MBBS, MBBCh, MD, etc.) having a postgraduate Diploma or Certificate of not less than Two Years full time duration, in any branch of Alternative Medicine, wishing to practice Alternative Medicine only. (Those who wish to practice modern medicine in addition to Alternative medicine should first successfully pass regular MOH, GP Examinations.)

c. Allied Health Specialists and Graduates that are recognized by the Health Ministry for example Nurses, Dieticians and Nutritionists, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists, having successfully completed a course in a branch of Alternative Medicine, of no less than 3 Years full time duration, from recognized Institutions, would be also considered on individual basis to sit for the examinations.

2. Criteria:

a. Diplomas, Degrees or other certificates should be issued from recognized universities or institutions which are authorized by the higher education authorities in a country to award certificates of competence or course completion at the end of the course.

b. Correspondence Courses, Distant Learning Certificates, and Certificates from unrecognized institutions shall not be accepted.

c. Applicants should be fluent in Arabic and/or English. Written Examinations are in English.

d. Internship period should be in a related Alternative Medicine Hospital or Clinic. If no internship was done, then two years of experience equals to One year of internship.

e. Years of Study, internship and experience would be calculated as follows :

Minimum Duration of full time

Alternative Medicine Study

Internship Period in Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine Experience 4 Years

For those having only Alternative Medicine Degree.

1 Year , 5 Years ,3 Years (respectively)

For those having an additional Qualification in Allied Health Sciences

6 Months, 3 Years, 2 Years (respectively)

Only for Medical Degree Holders

6 Months, 3 Years (respectively)

Written Examination would be common for all the Alternative Medicine disciplines. This examination would be Multiple Choice, of not less than two hours duration. Candidates should be familiar with prevalence of common diseases in the UAE and the Gulf and should have adequate knowledge of public health principles, necessary for any General Practice.

Only those passing this examination would be called for interview and practical examination in their field of specialty.

(Examination for other CAM practitioners like Ayurveds, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Unani Medicine Practitioners would take place in future Cycles, only after enough number of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Unani Medicines have been registered by the Pharmacy Department of MOH.)

Practitioners of non-conventional medicine, should know which conditions and individuals they will be unable to treat successfully and be able to identify when the patient should be directed to medically qualified physicians and specialists. C.A.M practitioners should also be able to recognize contra-indications to their system of therapy. Failure to recognize such signs could result in injury to the patients.

It is also particularly very important that Complementary and Alternative practitioners do not countermand instructions or prescriptions given by a medical doctor. For example a C.A.M practitioner may not alter or recommend alteration in dosage of a medicine taken by a patient on advice of a medically qualified doctor.

Changing the practical field from “working under supervision” or “working in a medical center” into “working independently “the following requirements should exist:

Evidence of work experience in a licensed medical center, for a period not less than one year or as defined by the committee upon evaluation.

Passing the interview or any exams specified by the committee.

Adhering to all forthcoming conditions and instructions.

Examinations -Topics for written exams, interviews, and practical :

An examination for a license shall be in writing and oral and if necessary practical.

The written exam shall include testing in

a. The basic sciences including but not limited to anatomy, physiology, bacteriology, pathology, hygiene, and chemistry as related to human body or mind.

b. The clinical sciences, nutrition, preventive and public health medicine

c. Professional ethics and any other subjects that the examining board may deem advisable

Step 1: Multiple Choice Written Examinations

The written exam generally consists of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Short-answer-objective type questions and questions based on diagrams/pictures/images depicting medical conditions may be also included in the written exam. MCQs may be structured in such a way that only one answer would be correct, in such a case there would be no negative markings. There may also be MCQs with multiple correct answers. In such a case, there would be negative marking for wrong answers chosen. Instructions for each type of MCQs would be clearly given during the examination time.

Indicate you answer by circling the appropriate letter on the question paper and also by filling in the appropriate circle on the computer answer sheet.

Directions for marking the computer answer sheet:

Use a black lead pencil (2B or HB) so that any mistakes can be erased and changed.

Make heavy black marks which fill in the circle completely

Erase fully any answer you wish to change.

Make no stray marks on the answer sheet.

When filling your name, one letter to a box, and fill in the circle with the correspondening letter or number. If there are not enough boxes, stop when you run out of boxes as in the ‘first name’ for example.

Your answer sheet is machine read by an optical character reader. The out put is processed by a computer. One mark is given for each correct answer. No marks are deducted for incorrect answers. If more than one answer is filled for a question, no marks would be given.

Candidates who successfully pass the written examination would be called for interview in their field of specialty. An examination board consisting of professionals from different specialties conducts the interviews. As per needs and requirements, the examination board may invite TCAM professionals from the private sector to assist in conducting the interviews.

Successful candidates who have passed both written and oral/practical examinations would then be awarded the license to practice in their field of specialty.

You have to appear for an interview in front of a panel of experts with original documents.

Dress well preferably in suite .

For example, Chinese medicine practitioners would be interviwed by Traditional Chinese Medicine examining committee. Likewise other practitioners such as Chiropractors, Homeopaths, Herbalists, etc. would be sent to special interviewing committees. This would be held as soon as possible after results are announced. (Usually within a week).


In addition to the slandered text books we advice the following books- these are highly useful

SARP (C.K.Sinha)- PG medical admission test – for last moment revision

Mehta- Practical medicine

Salgunan- Post graduate Medical entrance review

FORD.M.J -1000 MCQ for Davidson- principles & practice of medicines

Sanjay.T – Comprehensive PG Entrnce review

Study materials available in

Study materials available in

Study materials available in

Study materials available at

Remember-Davidson & Harrison are the most standard text book from which majority of the MCQs are compiled

Read at least Harrison Vol.1- you can answer 50% questions

Pre-Application Form for Candidates interested to apply for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Examination please visit :

Web site of MOH


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