Date posted: March 4, 2012

Dr Afsar Imam Sayyed
Dr Haider Imam

Discussion on the remedy solely as the rubrics standing with Carcinosinum being the only remedy. Most of similar modalities, desires, aversions and biphasic character discussed. Also possible indications from family or personal history described. The viewpoint from unusual angle emphasized.

Carcinosinum, sole remedy, rubrics, biphasic character, hereditary, sequelae, modalities, desires, aversions

The new century has put mankind under different challenges like common man’s poor economy, food adulteration, radiation damage and mental stress from noise, traffic or pollution etc. The numerous factors create many new symptoms/pathogenesis due to chemical wizardry in healthy humans. Of course we have very competent arsenal of homeopathic materia medica. But what can be the answer when we look around to overcome the new generation’s queer symptomatology covering all the miasms and still stand out unique; which is of course, marvelous achievement of great Dr Burnett, Carcinosinum.

Here we go with the unusual collection of data where no other remedy does compete; each rubric showing Carcinosinum as sole remedy


  1. Cirrhosis liver hereditary
  2. Constriction, bending amel.
  3. Distension after onions
  4. Infectious inflamation of liver
  5. Constrictive pain bending amel
  6. Pain umblicus region, appearing and disappearing gradually


  1. Cramps cervical region from fear, fright
  2. Eruption between scapula, undressing
  3. Rash between scapula
  4. Heaviness /weight, left cervical region
  5. Itching left scapula, inner angle
  6. Itching between scapulae, undressing
  7. Pain boring sacroiliac articulation
  8. Pain slightest motion agg.
  9. —-” slightest motion agg.
  10. —-” paulsating, throbbing, right lumbar region
  11. —–”, with numbness right leg
  12. ——” sacroiliac articulation, drawing legs amel.
  13. ———–”, ————————”, rest amel.
  14. ———”, ———–” rising from seat impossible,
  15. Tension deep inspiration agg.
  16. ———-”, dorasl region, motion agg
  17. ——”, ———-” night, on waking
  18. Twitching spinal muscles


  1. Burning pain, warm/hot applications amel.
  2. Urging to urinate, morbid desire, warm hot application amel.


  1. Anemia in pregnancy
  2. —–” pernicious, hereditary


  1. Eczema sternum
  2. Eruptions,sternum after undressing,
  3. Itching sternum when coughing
  4. Pain pressing mammae left to right
  5. —–” sore bruised, before menses
  6. Shape changed mammae
  7. Swelling painful, lymhatic axilla
  8. Tumor, false rib, left, lipoma


  1. Chilliness, pain with, in throat


  1. Allergy tartarazin e102
  2. —–” multiple
  3. Thalassemia
  1. Cough
  2. Apples agg.
  3. Convulsive, spasmodic, apples agg
  4. Dressing while
  5. Pain from, tearing in throat
  6. Whooping, esp children
  7. —-” early life
  8. —-” hereditary


  1. Eruptions boils, furuncles, external meatus
  2. Infection external, outer lobes. right


  1. Coldness, draft of air agg.
  2. —-”, painful wrists
  3. Cracks/fissures painful between toes
  4. Discoloration blue, upper limbs 3rd middle finger
  5. Dryness hand water agg.
  6. Eruptions dry upper limbs upper arms
  7. —–”  eczema, itching hand left
  8. ——” excoriating raw, upper limbs, fingertips, night on waking
  9. Heaviness of limbs abnormal
  10. —-”,  tired limbs, thighs, exercise amel.
  11. ——-”, ———–” sudden, upper limbs
  12. ——-”, ———”,———————-”, hands night on waking
  13. Numbness, thighs, exercise amel.
  14. ——–”, ——–”, short sleep amel.
  15. Pain aching, thighs, exercise amel.
  16. ——”, ——”, —-” short sleep amel.
  17. ——-”, gripping, upper limbs, upper arm, left
  18. —-”, lower limbs, legs, motion, quick from, agg,
  19. —”, ——”, —–”, ———-”, ———-”, gentle, from amel.
  20. ———”, —–”, ———”, —–”, after short sleep, amel,
  21. ——–”, ——-”, quick motion, agg.
  22. ———”, ——”, thighs, exertion amel.
  23. ———–”, ———”, ———”, short sleep amel.
  24. —-”, stitching, hips, after playing soccer,
  25. Pain, upper limbs, shoulders, right after lifting
  26. Shortened sensation, knee muscles and tendons
  27. Swelling lower limbs, thighs, short sleep, after, amel.
  28. —–”, upper limbs, hands,  mountains agg.
  29. Tension, upper limbs, shoulder left
  30. Twisting sensation, lower limbs, thighs
  31. Twitching, lower limbs, leg muscles, individual
  32. ————-”, upper limbs, muscles, individual
  33. Weakness, lower limbs, thighs,, exercise/physical effort amel
  34. —————”, ———”, ————”,short sleep amel


  1. Discoloration, blueness, porcelain like, sclera
  2. ————-”, —————-”, sclera, children
  3. Inflammation, lids, blephritis, alternating sides
  4. Pain, stinging, lids, upper
  5. Swelling, lids, alternating sides


  1. Discoloration, brown, ‘café-au-lait’
  2. Eruptions, vesicles, circular


  1. Eruption, itching, extending to anus
  2. Pain, cramping, uterus, during ovulation
  3. ——-”, uterus, ovulation during
  4. Tumors, painful, ovaries


  1. Mononucleosis, after
  2. Rheumatic fever in childhood
  3. Vaccination, after


  1. Air, seaside agg., amel., then
  2. —–”, ——–”, east coast agg. south coast amel. Or vice versa, England
  3. Cancer,  mamma, hereditary,
  4. ———-”, ———”, ———”, esp mother side
  5. Childhood diseases absent or too late
  6. Collapse, pain from, back, in
  7. Food, milk chocolate, desire
  8. Coffee, desire, agg., which
  9. Cumin, aversion to
  10. Desires, alternating with aversion, in children
  11. Eggs, aversion, soft boiled
  12. ——-”, desires agg., which
  13. Lamb, desire/aversion
  14. Meat, desire, agg. Which
  15. ——-”, desire, fat
  16. Milk products, desires, agg. Which
  17. Fright, fear, prolonged agg.
  18. Measles, hereditary, after
  19. Moon full, amel.
  20. Shuddering, nervous, on waking
  1. Swelling, lymphatic tissue, with fever
  1. ———”, tubercular open glands
  2. Transfusion, ailments from
  3. Weariness with extreme weakness
  4. Weather extremes of


  1. Constriction headache, during
  2. Eruption eczema, occiout protrubrances
  3. ——–”     scurfy hair margins of
  4. Pain afternoon agg, 1-6 pm
  5. —-” drawing forehead, left then right
  6. —” with tired feeling


  1. Noises, bending head forward  amel.,


  1. Pain stitching standing,
  2. Palpitation 2-6 PM
  3. Prominent blood vessels over body


  1. Affection desire children
  2. Anxiety, anticipating about relatives.
  3. ——-”, for environment
  4. Biting fingertips,
  5. Aversion to company for asthma
  6. Desire company in rejected children
  7. Desire dancing to music f fetus
  8. Delusion, protection has no defence
  9. Discontented children
  1. dreams about bad conscience
  2. —-” swamp
  3. Fear of frogs
  4. —–” of introversion,
  5. —–” from noise during menses
  6. ——” old fears return
  7. ——-” of people during menses
  8. Gestures, make constant
  9. ——-” tapping with fingertips on his skull
  10. Handle, cannot anything before menses, overwhelming stress
  11. Irritability in crowded places
  12. —–” after long grief
  13. —–” violent in children
  14. Mildness masking violence
  15. Morose, cross, in coryza
  16. Reproaches averse to
  17. Responsibility too strong in children
  18. Sensitive to arts, drawing, or literature, oversensitive,
  19. —–” oversensitive to drums, music
  20. ——”, ——-” music before menses
  21. Tears skin around nails, oneself
  22. Thoughts rush of, sleepless from
  23. Untidy except what he is performing
  24. Weeping mood from birth
  25. ——–” ——–” hurt seeing others


  1. Abscess sensation palate
  2. Absence of papillae at tongue tip
  3. Itching, apples, agg.
  4. Tingling palate evening
  5. Pricking palate morning


  1. Pain thyroid gland left


Coryza dry alternating sides

  1. Discoloration red nostrils
  2. Sinuses hereditary
  3. Pain burning after 5 PM
  4. ———————” nostrils morning


  1. Emotion , excitement agg., what might happen


  1. Constipation, seashore amel.
  2. Constriction, contraction, bending amel.
  3. ———–”————-” painful warm drinks amel
  4. ——”——-”———”————–” pressure amel
  5. —-;”——”———–”—————-” stooping amel
  6. Itching, anus, warmth agg.
  7. Pain burning warmth agg.
  8. —–” drinks warm amel.


  1. Asthma after midnight, after 3 am amel.
  2. —–” perspiration amel


  1. Discoloration brown liver spots numerous
  2. Moles crops of
  3. Water running over in drops


  1. Sleepless form anticipation,
  2. —-” from disappointed love


  1. Appetite wanting from disappointed love
  2. Nausea constant in pregnancy
  3. Pain extending upward, cardiac  end, from spices, vinegar, fat or pickled food
  4. —-” cramping form hazelnuts
  5. ——” Fasting amel.
  6. Ulcers hereditary
  7. Vomiting in acetonemia
  8. —- ” alternating diarrhea
  9. —–’  from anticipation


  1. Culture yeast
  2. Odor offensive malignant


  1. Lump plug sensation on waking
  2. ——”   —” , warmth agg.
  3. Pain, sore, warm drinks agg.


  1. Evening 8-9 pm
  2. Motion, changing position agg.
  3. Turning in  a circle, as if, night, waking him 

Carcinosinum could prove miracle, if its choice is made intelligently taking family history and personal history as a base.

The hereditary indications are suicidal disposition, delirium tremens, measles, cancer esp. of mamma in mother side, TB, whooping cough, diabetes, anemia, esp. pernicious type, liver cirrhosis, gastric ulcer and pyloric stenosis.

Personal history may be sequelae of any long standing fever, measles, injuries, esp. head injury, whooping cough, cancer surgery, abuse, esp. children abuse, disappointed love esp. with migraine, insomnia or anorexia also same from long standing grief,  fever after vaccination or mononucleosis.

Also ailments of business, masturbation, in nurslings, during ovulation, from parasites, transfusion, too early responsibility,sensual impressions and shock.

As early as 1980, great Dr. Schmidt. had marked the rubric as highest grade; ‘Offended easily, takes everything in bad part’ in Barthel Klunker Synthetic repertory published by Haug Verlag Heidelberg.

To my experience the most distinct indication has been desire which aggravates the ailment by any of the foods.

The queerest aspect is presence of biphasic character; desire and aversion or aggravation and amelioration in the same rubric.


  • Carcinosinum, seminar, Hetchel, Belgium 1989
  • Barthel Klunker Synthetic repertory, Haulg verlag 1980, Heidelberg
  • Smits Tinus, Practical material medica for consulting room,
  • Mezger J, Geschishtes Arzneimittellehre, Haug verlag 1979

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