How to setup an online homoeopathy consultation/clinic?

onlineHow to setup an online homoeopathy consultation/clinic?

Dr Mansoor Ali

Lesson from online business world – Analyse carefully

  • The truth is that society has changed, but doctors have failed to keep up with the times.
  • We need to come up with innovative and newer ways of reaching out to patients directly.

The most preferred social media,
Turnover 2200 Cr $
They have no content of their own !!

Largest transportation company
In 290 cities & operating 55 countries.
Only 6 years in the field – Turnover 4120 Cr $
But not an owner of a single taxi !!

The largest retailer in the world.
But not stocking anything!

The largest e lodging provider
Not owned a single lodge
Turnover : 13 billion,
But Hyatt has largest number of hotels, but turnover 9.2 billion only

Only one office
Only 55 employees
But turn over 2200 Cr $

But in Delta Airline
1100 aircraft, 4000 services
Turnover only 4000 Cr $

Dear Doctors – Just observe how the world is earning through internet and technology – give a Digital Platform to your homoeopathic clinic – Need of the hour.

Nowadays it is not possible to survive with the limited number of patients from our local area.

The new generation doctors should be taught to have entrepreneur qualities to survive in the future.

It’s challenging to start homoeopathic practice today, but if young doctors want to become successful, they need to start thinking of themselves in a different way – who can utilize technology far more cleverly than established doctors, in order to attract more patients.

More than one crore Indian people consulted Homoeopaths online last year, but remember the population of India is 1.25 billion, so enough opportunity in this filed if you have some idea and time to spend online.

Online homeopathy connectivity worldwide is more than in 95 countries. Thousands of people around the globe are looking for a good Homoeopath Consultant.

What is Online treatment?
To avail of treatment through the internet without having to visit the doctor’s clinic personally is termed as Online treatment. The communication between the Doctor and Patient is completed through various media like E-mail, Telephones, Chat, and Video Conferencing. Online treatment breaks the time, space and language barrier.

Patients from any corner of the world can avail of our Online treatment facility.

Patients will get world-class online homeopathic treatment from top-ranked international homeopathic experts in the comfort and convenience of their home or office.

Here is some a good example.

Dr Rajesh Shah is a role model in this field –  treating patients from 180 plus countries at Life Force, which is a World Record based on his vast experience of over 30 years. He may be the first homoeopathy doctors to start Online Medical practice in 1985. His name published in The Limca Book of Records 2003

Visit the excellent website of Dr Rajesh Shah :

My online consultation page :

WelcomeCure by Dr Jawahar Sha is an Online Consultation portal that succeeded within a short span of time with 100+ global panel of expert homoeopathy doctors.
Web link :

You can also create a website like this – and promote your practice.

A recent platform:

Hompath has designed a good mobile app that available at affordable price too

“This method of practice has opened up great opportunities- I am now available for ‘face to face’ consultations online with clients from all over the US and also from other countries. With Google+ now offering up to 10 video conferences at the same time, I can see great possibilities in my practice. Says Dr. Vijay Vaishnav

Some statistics on Internet Users India & other countries
India has bypassed Japan to become the world’s third largest Internet user after China and the United States

  • Internet Users in India (2016*) : 462,124,989
  • Share of India Population: 34.8 % (penetration)
  • Total Population : 1,326,801,576
  • Share of World Internet Users: 13.5 %
  • Internet Users in the World: 3,424,971,237
    Source :

India on course to overtake US next month in Internet user base

The number of active mobile Internet users grew about 99% to 80 million by October 2015 and is expected to reach 87 million by December and 109 million by June 2016.

India’s internet user base to hit 402 million, second-highest in the world.

Social Media
While Google sites have the most unique visitors, Net users spend the most time on Facebook, which is at second place as far as unique visitors are concerned.

Among social media sites, Linkedin and Twitter are the next most popular.

Google is by far the most popular search engine, accounting for 90 percent of all searches in India.

Basic requirements

  1. A good website – You can create yourself at or seek the help of a web designing company or You can hire an online consultation platform from web portals

The website should be simple, mobile friendly and in responsive theme.

  1. A good case record form – format available at :, or
  2. Payment gateway
  3. SEO – Search engine optimisation
  4. Good presence in social media

How to send Medicine? – Packing and postage

Materials required

  • Prescription
  • Declaration
  • Wrap with bubble paper
  • India post
  • Courier
  • Medicines from narcotics and snake poisons – take care, while writing the full name

Above all & Most important is Quality treatment.
Money, fame, publicity etc. will follow automatically once you achieve your “Mission” of curing the patients.

Best Wishes
Dr Mansoor Ali KR
Asso. Professor, Govt. Homoeopathy Medical College. Calicut,