Date posted: August 26, 2011

 PowerPoint Presentations & Lectures on Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

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Legal obligations of a homoeopath – Dr Sanil Kumar

Sexual Offences

Legislation in relation to homoeopathy – Dr Vivek

First aid in poisoning

Transporting of injured victims

Medico legal aspects of Govt. Servant


Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964

Medical Clerkship & Medical Audit – Communication

Forensic psychiatry- Dr A S Mridul   

Homeopathy in poisoning and toxicology  

Utility of toxicology in evolution of portrait of a remedy Dr.Anjali Chodnekar

Ethics in medical education – Dr.Sreekumari

Autopsy of bodies with radio active materials – Dr.Mohammed Khaleem Khan

Ethics for medical educators : fallacies & obligations Dr.D.Basu

Legitimacy – Dr.Kaleem Khan

Removal of un absorbed toxins from body - Farhan S Nadaf

Postmortem changes Dr.Sanil Kumar

Poisoning and toxicology

Effective doctor patient relationship – Dr.G.Pradeep Kumar

Consumer protection act and doctors – Dr.G.Pradeep Kumar

Indian penal code – Dr.G.Pradeep Kumar

Judicial Procedure – Dr.G.Pradeep Kumar

Skill of writing certificates - Dr.Cyriac Thomas

Medical Negligence – Dr. Prateek Rastogi

Drugs and magic remedies act – Dr. Prateek Rastogi

Medical ethics for students of Homeopathy – Dr. Dharmendra Sharma

Forensic psychiatry – Dr.Kishore Kumar

Consent in medical practice, medical battery session.1 – Dr. Ritesh G. Menezes

Consent in medical practice, medical battery session.2 – Dr. Ritesh G. Menezes


Head injury and menigial hemorrhage – Dr. Kishor Kumar

Mechanical injuries – Dr. Kishor Kumar

Lacerated wounds

Medical ethics – introduction

Medical ethics – a comprehensive study

Medical Jurisprudence – Dr. Nagesh K.R.

Medico Legal Aspects of Injuries – Dr.Vina Vaswani

Significance of toxicology for homeopathic pharmacology – Dr.Srinath Rao

Physical torture – medico legal and ethical aspects Dr. Sanil Kumar.M.C

She Bears the Cross From Womb to Tomb – Dr Vina Vaswani

Skills in Medical Report Writing Dr. Silvano C.A. Dias Sapeco

Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances act – Dr.Prateek Rastogi