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DW = Differentiate

DW:    Caseation and coagulation necrosis.

DW:    Coagulation and liquefaction necrosis.

A 10 year old villager boy who often helped his father while working in the rice fields in China suddenly developed fever with associated headache, vertigo, photophobia, vomiting and features of confusion which progressed onto tremors and a single episode of generaliz...

Dr. Sabitha Vijayan BHMS, MD Trivandrum

Interferon – antiviral substances, it is a family of host coded proteins produced by cells on induction by viral or non viral substances Pox virus:- small pox- last detected case of small...

Dr. Sabitha Vijayan BHMS, MD Trivandrum

  1. The first person to observe bacteria – Anton von leuwen hock
  2. The earliest discovery of pathogenic micro organism was probably made by – Augustino Bassi
  3. The development of bacteriology...

Dr. Sabitha Vijayan BHMS, MD Trivandrum

Parasites are organisms that infect other living beings. Medical parasitology deals with the parasites which infect man and diseases they produce. Human parasites may be either unicellular ...

Dr.Amir Khalid BHMS, MD(Hom)  Calicut.

This notes may be used for Group discussion which is also an important factor in preparation.One among you asks questions in haphazard/ rapid manner and others try to answer. This will ...