AdvertiseHereSIMILIMA.COM provides the most focused advertising available for those who wish to target their potential market. Every visitor to the site is either an experienced practitioner, post graduate student,teacher,research scholar or user of homeopathy, or an interested medical professional.

Ideally your advert should be clickable to access your own site. Our Banner Advertising will remain there through out the day and period.If you have no website we will create a page for you displaying all details.

You should provide company logo 250×250 pixel ,picture mail

Position : In all pages Rt Top

Payment details

Payment should be in advance thro ICICI bank Mavoor Road, Calicut. Kerala .A/C No. 626501526917  in favor of Dr.Mansoor Ali.K.R

RTGS/NEFT IFS Code : ICIC0001172

Advertisement Tariff

Advertisement banner on top in home page + all inner pages (with link to your website) : Rs.2500/ (Two thousand five hundred only)- for fifteen days .
On rt side of all inner pages : Rs.2000/- for fifteen days
5% discount for one month contract

Your ads will be displayed in all pages 24×7

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