World’s lightest metal

Highly active in pure state

3rd most abundant  of the metals  forming 2.5% of the earth crust.

In human body too  it is the 3rd ...

Hahnemann, a true scientist, did not get satisfied by the then prevailed medical practice and made a remarkable statement in a letter to his friend that he had being putting drugs of which he knew little into bodies of which he knew less. Then he renounced the medical...

Brain - CATALEPSY - love, unrequited from hyos. Ign. lach. nat-m. Ph-ac.

CHEST - PAIN - General - heart - love sickness, from cact.

CHEST - PAIN - Heart - love; from disappointed dig.

Dr  R N  Wahi &  Dr Pankaj Aggarwaal

Homoeopathy before Hahnemann On the auspicious occasion during the month of April, wherein we celebrate the Birth Anniversary of Dr. Samuel Fredricke Christian Hahne...

Dr Vivek  N Patil

The Greek word, Noso is a prefix indicating a morbid root. It is also connected with the Latin word "noxa", meaning noxious or damaging. Nosodes are remedies made with dangerous noxious materials as...

The pros and cons of using true/false multiple choice questions Madawa Chandratilake, Margery Davis, Gominda Ponnamperuma

True/false multiple choice items, commonly referred to as true/ false multiple choice questions (MCQs...

Lamiaceae or Labiatae, also known as the mint family, is a family of plants. It has been considered closely related to Verbenaceae The Labiate family consists of about 3000 species of plants. The original family name is Labiatae, so given because the flowers typicall...

New online course on Introduction to Statistics on Edx,org starting Jan 30 2013.

A new online course on Introduction to Statistics on   starting Jan 30 2013.

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